Intended Audience

Nightly I write fervently of my distress
To that audience I am desperate to address

Yet oft I despair
That those ears shall care
To tune to this frequency solitaire

For if my mind I dare not clearly express
Intuition warns from my mind's recess

All that they may bear
Of my searing soul's glare
Are vague words behind a writer's flair

Yet such urgency in all that I profess
These thoughts upon which I obsess

A heart to make aware'
A request by way of a prayer
An apology for precious to repair

I remain unheard their reaction suggests
Or they own too much too little noblesse

To all that I declare
No heed paid to this affair
Written while my passions flare

May haps such moments steal my finesse
To the thoughts upon them I may impress

Yet I find that I err
To truth I face I prepare
My words for their eyes is rare

For predawn my passions may run to excess
When surely a devil my voice may possess

It is my core where
Unleashed infernos to beware
Would mock vassal of flesh as its lair

Thus on these papers they burn they transgress
So my beloved audience I need no longer aggress

Written July 25, 2004.