My Creek and I

I forget
when or how I found this creek forgotten
I return
day upon long day's end, I have returned
I escape
to this quiet nature's corner, my escape
I stroll
barefoot in this stream, forever strolling

I sleep
on the clover beds of sweet slumber
I tremble
at tickles by the grass blades that tremble
I smile
at buttercups beckoning my secret smiles
I kiss
the goldfishes that give my toes kisses.

I linger
where innocent wonderers would linger
I quiet
now as the water brings my heart peace
I wait
for coolness to awash me, this long awaiting
I burn
for never shall this stream douse the burning

I left
upon a journey for I knew I must leave
I searched
for a river destined to be my life's search
I needed
enough water to quench this burning need
I knew
of none within borders of my knowledge

I walked
on the parched land where no one walks
I pained
for dust and callus mark my sole with pain
I feared
loss of this brook that once dispelled my fears
I longed
to return to the glen of dreams and longings

I arrived
at the brook and surprised of my own arrival
I breathed
as the stream heals me and expels my breath
I wondered
shall I have courage to resume my wondering
I accepted
its solace for where else to seek acceptance

I build
strength to leave this dream of my own construction
I presume
I am ready and leaving stance do I assume
I feel
the water swelling and replenishes my feelings
I falter
but bowing to alluring sprites is not my fault

I shine
tonight my soul burns brighter than stars shine
I wish
this stream floods over me to save all my hopes
I foresee
devastation of my wishes fill my foresight
I sigh
to this regrettable fate I am resigned


May 29, 2004.