Dancing Man

Maybe this is why they warned me
Not to fall in love with a dancing man
Because once the dance is over
And you know it will be over
Light ----------- goes out

They were never clear about
What is wrong with a dancing man
They said I would know one day (very) soon
When the heartaches turn into
Thorns slashing across my chest

When the lights went out last night
The darkness engulfed me (right) there
So stunned I was by that finale
The dancing man presents
And even now, I am blinded (by pain)

Oh to be sure, to be certain
The dancing man never pretends
His love lies beyond his reach
Just as his love is beyond mine

Suddenly, it makes so much sense
They were right all along to say beware
I know now, I’ve really known always
The dancing man gives only one dance
In the darkness he fades away

Please give me the fortitude
To survive this dancing man
Return my sight, return my senses
Give me back my heart
And I promise, I shall never dance again (again)

(Why) Why dance with me, my dancing man?
Couldn’t you see
I was satisfied blending into the walls
And now, how am I to settle for
the contentment meant to be my life.


My dancing man…
My dancing man…
Goodbye to the dancing man

January 25, 2004