Dear Sir


Sir Stranger know you the gravity of your deed
So heinous is it as to induce my dumb state
Your crimes against the heart and a naive mate
Tarnish your armor and turn your faithful steed

Gallop you may fervently across an unknown land
Where the winds may ruffle your voice within
But my silent cries of pain born of your sin
Echoes in an empty world I no longer understand

Oh sir what wrongs under heaven make your tale
Yet recall that no blood ever stained my fingers
For your liberation from the past a hope lingers
Beside a dream that your true form shall prevail

Should that day dawn afore I and my heart perish
Return to my bosom where simpler warmth remains
And know that silently passes this event's pains
For that shiny Sir Familiar do I still cherish


written on Nov. 11, 2004