How well we know what we cannot deny...


What we need, we seek is far, far from here,

and everything we say shows of what should be.

Yet, just you and I to speak and to hear. 


We step too close but still stay apart.

What we portray is something we dare not realize.

Realistic as you are, as I am. And as idealistic.


Utter words of everything I cannot bear to hear. 


You send me away by telling me everything I can't stand to hear.

But I am still here.

Because every evening, I cried my tears out.

And the morning seems brighter, and I am braver.

Seeing your rugged face seems so horrible.


But we are together only because there is a place that binds.

How shall I see you

when this moment is gone?

Doesn't really matter. Am I thinking too much?


But in my mind, my dreams,

what should never be already is...

Between us lies what we must deny.

Such a story we both understand.


So here we are together

yet we still stand on the borders of our homeland.

In this land where we can be united,

we are as far apart as if we have never left.


Who we are brought us here and

What we are keeps us far apart. 

On opposite ends we will stand forever,

because you declared it so

and I have accepted it as so.


Written on June 3, 2003.