Dream Anchors


Very first wish of this plain girl here
is a hearth of laughter of warmth of we
is he who of fate's assignment to revere
me as I to revere that simple man is he

merely is the rosy haze glow around them
sons and daughters of our blood of need
about precious elders from whom we stem
and all those above encapsulate my greed

but far are the sweeter visions of life
reconcile with fortune reigns in my palm
shall I wish for a life void of strife
content solitude bears a heart of calm

rare times have these dreams approached
eager to reach with that youthful haste
whereby timid destiny feels encroached
and quickly recedes to realm of chaste

oft lay witness of their reality have I
yet nary a dream catcher have I found
ocean set me adrift no more as deny
me no more my anchor afore I am drowned

(September 26, 2001)