Drifts and Drafts

Rain is spattering & the wind howls.
I am challenged to face all the demons,
Past & present & future, they’ve all gathered.
Strong in body but faint at heart,
For the devils may be kept at bay by my sword,
But loneliness creeps by despite my shields.
Inside my castle – drifts and drafts,
Lift my skirt tails about my ankles,
And I know I am weaker than my duty dictates,
But whoever claimed a lady fights the world on her own.
Where is my prince, my knight, my shoulder to cry on.
There is no strength behind these walls,
For empty too long of all inhabitants but I.
Only I cling to these cold corridors & rusty candle sticks.
From room to room, I wonder alone.
Searching for the warm fireplace I recall in my youth.
But if it is here, I cannot find it.

Nov. 3, 2003