end to end


Arduous trial is it to be a friend
to he who dictated the term'
to which I can only affirm
for he says amity transcend

With a fading smile I contend
sweet day of ours draws nigh
and sunset is another goodbye
for we are ever but two friend'

In moments we two alone spend
stand by him pierces my heart
for wanting more than due my part
not my life nor my path to my end

My logic mind do comprehend
I need to walk away and forget
cleanse festering wounds of regret
yet never do I do as I intend

Some claims of what he portend'
to those devices I must decline
and others rebuke his design
to them for him I still defend

I believe that if he can pretend
then so pretend shall I too
for he that my heart has a paler hue
and I that my heart shall mend

Shadows of darkness extend
I may speak lacking any sense
for tonight's tears is to commence
torrent of weakness impend

Face him on the morrow I intend
cold morning light must not reveal
the fissions in the mask of steel
which belie sentiments that him offend

Written January 2004.