The fevered hour before dawn holds no reality
for the Aquarius who lets loose her duality
Scented candle sets her spirit to a whirlwind
a heated storm in an ocean beneath her skin
Nature brings a madness a burning emotion
Such an inspired night requires commotion

In the darkness against the cavern walls
She dances to answer passion’s calls
Her face revealed behind those pretty veils
For tonight she answers not convention’s hails
Instinct for her to follow her desire’s chase
Not caring what devilries she may embrace

Rare does she abandon without shame
Lets shine her eyes’ glint her searing flame
What frail vessel of flesh may contain
This rampant flame that melts all restraints
So tonight she peels off her proper skin
To let loose the lace bound woman within

Each pore spews that energy without reign
That the world wishes to tame but in vain
Tonight this vassal of nature cares for naught
Constructive releases are outside her thoughts
For destructive is that energy laid to waste
Ugly is often a wreckage made in haste

This facet is never seen in the light of days
For against pale dawn she discards that craze
She knows in darkness returns that spell
And again shall she test the depth of that well
She wonders at the sources where it may feed
And the ends where its flood shall lead

Written on July 21, 2004.