I row on this and that ankle again
And from beneath a thick raven mane
I peer left and right and in vain
As all paths have stones laid arcane
As Spring blossoms lines each lane

Among heady fragrant patches I spy
The flittering wings of a butterfly
Its aimless flight ascending the sky
Brings sunlight and a smile to my eye'
Then smile to grin as it flies nigh

At first lured by colors of my vest
Then the peach aroma tween my breast'
But my hair's scent it loves the best
Tugging my tresses and being a pest
To which I assume only a feeble protest

In truth a welcome diversion this be
Though time to depart cometh for me
A little longer I wish my play spree
Come my pretty sprite was my plea
But beholding the net it turns to flee

While the younger voice calls to chase
Wisdom warns the danger of this race
Lashing of bare branches to embrace
Haste is wont to steal a woman's grace
Vanity says stay in this thicket space

What dull day now this morn turns
Soon of mind those persistent concerns
And one question that never adjourns
The vision of liberty my soul yearns
Answered as the flutterby returns

Oh quiet vanity and wisdom and pride
Your time shall come for now subside
Sauntering in a prancing stride
Down some walk of many feet wide
Happily I find the butterfly by my side

In that dense field now far away
Left the worries for an Autumn day
And oft the flutterby flies astray
Yet all new sights for I to survey
As I await the returns sweet and gay

Written during July-Sept 2004.