Remarks on Friendship

Few words ever mark these pages for friendships,
For they are remarkable & passionless things,
(Of them) To what end can my ink achieve?

And yet at odd - are we - times of conflict.
Dialog stunted by habits - careless, accepted.
To that end, my ink may serve better.

What bond in friendship of ones different?
In the world, this World,
Fate's tide beached us here -
upon the same treacherous shores.
Lie bare, to suffer sun and storm.
In silent stretches of cloudy tea hours,
cast we the marks of friendship.

Discord, lies between every tension,
for not an intersection of toes on edge.
But renaissance beings we are,
or make believe (as our own egos urges)
Such builds the world of understanding
on bricks and rocks of mismatched philosophy.
Clashing in color and texture and else.

Yet many have remarked of you and I,
What friendship between two?
Beyond distinction by casual eyes,
To strength, to weave, to morose
for Upon cripples' shoulders stand us.
And their remarks hum,
Smile, for Our laughter rings.

But fog lingers, to remind thoughts,
and cherish does it conflicts of souls.
Blind are you, to my ways and wisdom,
Deaf am I to your path and monotones.
Renaissance aside - veins of tension amass.
Perhaps it is these moments of silence
that we speak of the most.

(I) Hear not the discord,
why I can hear echoes in your words?
or sounds he uttered, she spoke,
but what friendship of all to speak?

Truth is that thoughts to you, to me.
but flowing in the tedium of in between -
and to future friendship's bond, to test.
Trial - it is tonight's commencement.


March 12, 2004.