Goodbye and Farewell

Goodbye City of Golden Sunset
For she must leave your silhouette
In her heart lives too many regret
Haunting as her lost duet

Farewell World of Pleasant Evenfall
For she must retreat from your call
Such fond memories hold her thrall
And a ghostly existence will her befall

Jostling bus engulfed by the night
To be her escape from past delight
Window that should mirror my sight
Instead reflects her eyes in plight

I feel the sentiments that she wears
Anguish at the sight of familiar stairs
To the rooms she no longer shares
With he who answered her prayers

One memory lingers of a perfect eve
Gazing upon a golden-rooftop weave
His fingers upon her floured sleeve
Domestically he to her cleave

Such contentment had she known
Yet Earthly Heaven her disown
That knowledge sets her alone
Among sinners for whom she atone'

His essence everywhere she roam'
In every familiar nook lies his tomb
So she must leave her childhood home
Afore adult wounds form a catacomb

Inspired Feb. 28, 2004.  Completed July 24, 2004.