Holiday Wishes

Merry holidays to come so soon
I promise merry they shall be
For a bounty of red curls frames my face
And a pair of half moons to form a smile
What oh what shall I wish shall I want
This holiday of bustle of people of things
Yet ever void of simpler joys of new love
Many a dozen things I need I may ask
But they bring forth no shouts of happiness
In this winter air of festive day or night
Let me declare what I wish for this holiday
Bring me no depth no wisdom no lessons
And certainly foremost bring me no things
Deliver to me oh please a little love
No not a rich love built and tested in time
Just a little spark of new of simplicity
Of innocence of sweetness of aching need
Let it live freely in the dream world
Where all scary and hidden truths perish
complexity of adulthood dissolve
And bitter disappointments are never born
Just open the door to someone shiny
Whose timid smiles melts only me
Silly may he look but not to my eyes
Shy are his words that bring my giggles
And sets free my heart my imagination
But oh most requisit of all is that
He too thinks same of I
For earnestly have I not earned as much
If my wish is unfair to ask presently
At least take those problems of old
For they I've no wish to deal with
Bestow that novelty which may bring warmth
As truly think I is there much need
So lovely New Year bring me a surprise
Pleasant be my surprise please oh please