Her Ice Land

Here begins with the Snow - utterly pure,
tender cocoon to her and her allure.
From there arrives the Sun - fiery and bold,
agent to him who brings no tiding of cold.

Ice to Water, washes old sorrows away;
her ice land now baths in the warmth of his ray'.
But Beware, for with light comes he shadow;
and in his sweet gale lies evil's Echo.

Too soon hails spikes of his insouciance,
to form long stretches of barren brilliance.
Long-awaited summer suddenly lifted.
At the Storm's end sees her landscape shifted.

Wind's wail forms an armor of prickly chain';
yet to her numb fingers, 'tis not real pain.
Upon her hair, the Veil of crystals is donned
through it, sees her the glistening world beyond.

She fears that the evil twin's Shadow remains.
Thus, cast upon her ice land are frozen veins,
and Longer yet her distance to other lands.
Eerie stillness is stretched by unseen hands.

November 2002