I am incomplete
Missing pieces of my life
because I am missing a chemical

Some unidentified foe has hurt me
and taken the normality from my life
so now I can no longer be complete.

The thought of fulfilling work
is but a dream I can barely see.
Success has long since been raked aside.

A warm homestead,
filled with love and children
is a window away.

Watching, looking in
from the coldness out here
there is mist and a smoke screen.

I cannot be complete
as other women carelessly push aside
are the things I shall crave.

I suppose I can be selfish
and assume responsibilities
my will, my body, my mind cannot support

I can be lost in the world of wishes
and bring more suffering on those around me
But sooner or later, they'll lay eyes on the lacking in me.

What to do then?
I would be missing bits and pieces
as I see my body falling apart and then my mind.

December, 2001