Inflection Guide

by Yang Shen

Road to Inflection feels desolate.
Voices to call, beyond and behind –
Then thus confusion binds lost souls in the dark.
Their spirits may glow
but not light enough to shine the way –
way to the Inflection Pool.
Fragile are their flickering flame,
in this harsh wind of withering trees.
Souls are innocent and good,
yet too young to know its lost ways.
Hear do they only echoes of well-meant advice.
Where to, they wonder, strays their way.

Lurks in the shadow are their unseen Guides.
Faeries and Angels in disguise,
Fairies with lanterns to light the way.
Angels’ tender wings ease the passage.
Lost souls do they bring to the Inflection Pool.
Under the soothing grace of the Moon,
and bath – away goes the grim of everyday.
It is here, their naked form reveals and
their hearts brilliance shine through again.
So they can be Angels, Fairies, Guides
for some lost souls anew.

February 20, 2004.