Last Words

Soft cast moonlight. Drifting from the doorway
that Dancing Music to which my footsteps sway.
Inside. The hall hums with strangers' laughter
and Someone is singing of the Sweet Ever After.
Outside. I sit on the First of the cold stone stair'.
Skirt flutters in the wind, leaving my thighs bare.
Upon the last dry napkin, I write by the lamplight.
Inspired soul to speak - Let my pen take flight.
If you were here tonight, it would be so nice,
for in your presence, I would have found peace.
Times spent with you have left me wanting more.
A senseless longing as I have never known before.
I swear I am trying to forget, to move on;
Dreams of you are dreams of a time foregone.
Yet here, tonight, with whom may I dance?
Too rare people of our genre meet by chance.
These should be the last words I write to you,
Knowing that our independent lives ensue.
But that last Last Set of Words still hung
As these words to sad tones will be sung.

Written April 30, 2004.