Recent Poems 5


She sits alone in the halls,
A romance novel on her lap,
Flipping pages now and then,
But words float above her head.

A pretty, smitten girl,
Strolls with her "love"
"Pretzel couples" they're called
watching them silently
noting expressions, gestures
not meant for an observer
She looks away...humored,
not jealous though her solitude
nor any other emotion
simply recording notes
in her mind for future reference.

Screams, clawing and scratching
confusion in the midst of a crowd
cat figt between two or three
staring like others
yet no shouts of encouragement
no attempts to sop them
no visible reaction
nor anyone to notice
curiosity, yet no desire to investigate
observed, noted and returned to the book
listening unconsciously for clues
smiling inward at the folly.

A friend, no, an acquaintance
greetings: formalities passed
no friendliness nor contempt
the visitor gossiped
smile on her face not in her eyes
listening, thinking quickly intently
registering like a database
as names were mentioned
personal references found
files updated, then again
eyes wandered, nothing offensive
subtly hinted lack of interest
her visitor didn't notice
but left any how
to talk with someone far more popular

A band of boys,
playing complex mutation of tag
A group of girls
awing over what's-his-name
Noise pollution in one sense
Perfect for observation for her
too busy to notice the observer
too involved to care
their happiness, their pain
imprinted in her mind
no sympathy, no feelings
saying indifferent words
when spoken to
Analyzing afterwards
yet setting no opinion.

A tearful girl standing
looking about for a friendly face
catching her eyes, smiled
gesturing to approach
Got up and took her to the office
abruptly turning around and left
no need for thanks nor reassurance
not trust for teachers
simply her values, no involvement
on the side, watch
never taint your hands
never burden your mind
certainly never, ever feel in your heart.

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