I. Toy Chest
This is the Toy Chest, where I live, where I breathe.
It's not all that glamorous.
Most of the nights there is no light.
And in the depth of old & musty things,
I sleep, I dream, and I live out every day.

II. Silver Light
The cover of the Chest is crooked.
So the moon smiles through the sliver.
I can't see much from this depth.
Not even a glance at the outside world.
But I can see the Silver Light filtering in.

III. Tin Soldier
In the Toy Chest, a Tin Soldier lives at the top of the hill.
I smile as I watch him standing way up there,
So proud, so solemn, so brave to face the world.
But from here, in the depth of old & musty things,
the world I see is dim & only he shines.

IV. Wonder & Worry
I often Wonder what he is looking at.
He must see such wondrous worlds.
& I often Worry that he is lonely,
that the draft will turn him into an icicle.
It must be so cold and lonely way up there.

V. See - Sees
One night, not so long ago,
a night when I finally See.
The night the lid of the chest was open all the way.
So much light flooded my world
& I am dazzled by the world the Tin Soldier Sees.

VI. Outside World
I know now why he always looks up at night.
He must dream of joining the Outside World,
where the light shines always & everywhere.
I suppose he wants that world very much;
as much as I wish to sit in the circle around him.

VII. Angel
I look & see where his glances fall.
Such beautiful sight a doll, a figurine perhaps.
In crystal, an Angel with brilliance that overwhelms me.
So bright and it must hold such allure.
So she's why the Tin Soldier always looks up there.

VIII. Guardian of Angel
Night after night, the Tin Soldier watched,
in silence, alone, in the cold draft,
he stands on Guard for the Angel above.
Perhaps once not so long ago, he sat beside her,
& how he must wish to return there.

IX. Ragdoll
In the depth of old & musty things,
I wish he would turn his head.
Why there must be other dolls in the world!
But I know I'm only dreaming for myself.
Who am I kidding, I am only a Ragdoll.

X. New & Shiny Things
What know I of the world at the top?
The world of New & Shiny Things.
Not all, to be sure, for I dream & think from this depth.
But quite some bits, for one with the heart,
has watched & listened for a long long time.

XI. Buried
If I were to ask the Tin Soldier, to join him,
& shield some wind for him. What would he say?
But I'm Buried in old & musty things,
Barely strong enough to reach above,
for a breath & a glance at him.

XII. Smile
Today, despite such weight of old & musty things,
I Smile. For at least the Tin Soldier lights my world still.
But I smile weakly, for I know,
Tomorrow the Tin Soldier shall be gone
& so extinguishes the light in my Toy Chest.

February 22, 2004.