sacred human body

Wire mask over a porcelain face;
Plastic beads drip from egg-shaped holes,
That sky blue glass eye balls look out of.
Nylon strands hang on a rubber skull,
Covering latex ears on both sides. 

buzz... buzz...
the chip hums again and again

A wooden peg supports the left side;
Chrome bolts beneath the scars on the hip.
Iron armor to keep a straight spine.
A pacemaker and respirator;
A steel hook sticks out of the right sleeve. 

buzz... buzz...
the chip sings louder even louder

I am not human, not any more.
I am not robot, never will be.
I am not even android, am I?
I no longer am what I once was.
And I don't think I want to become...

buzz... buzz...
the chip goes forever'n ever

Spring 1997