Stones: Misplaced Favor

they are blood,
drop by drop,
staining purity,
dripping ----
from a slashed wrist,
crystallizing the moment of a painful death.

a virgin forest,
canopies over
the enchated,
mystic, silent, timeless
hostile to intruders,
uncivilized nature that seduces and takes for keeps.
the vast ocean span,
in the icy depth
where lies ----
a sea kingdom
its tales and knowledge
trapped in darkness, 'n in mystery, 'n in time. 
a touch of royalty,
envied splendor,
its tragedies,
its cruelties,
'n its sins,
hardened velvet and brittle satin.
a pear shaped tear
traces slowly her
delicate nose,
her pale cheeks
a frail, sickly princess,
she's, but a powerless captive of history.
they are brilliant,
but cold and hard,
like the heart that loves it?
look through it
it's empty like a void where a broken heart sleeps. 
Spring 1997