Silent and tranquil in this ocean's depth do I dwell
Where echoes of World's Call dim in my tortoise shell.
Restless heart means to depart, never to return,
bid farewell to safety and Eyes of concern.

I have not beauty as do a mermaid,
nor sensuous voice to sing sweet serenade.
Where do plain and common ones find their dream?
Oh, I beseech you, Shine a guiding beam.

For my would-be haven's surface do deceive,
and in that realm, philosophical minds conceive
abstract depth of spiritual Eden's sequel.
Where shallow minds drown, I find my Like and Equal.

Along this journey, my faiths oft unbind.
To succor me, many friends' strength combined.
To fulfill this one dream, for all hearts' sake,
for failure shall too many spirits break.

Voices caution against the lucent and warm lights,
from the hunters and aliens who seek novel sights.
What an oddity they would see if they see me?
Sacrifice or captive on display I shall be.

To the death of this dream I weigh retreat,
but how shall I accomplish either feat?
Blinded by icy current's push and pull,
perhaps the price of being too fanciful.


March to June of 2004.