Two Years Later

Avril's song came many months too late
After the anger has passed to naught
And even the sadness two years abate
Those lyrics raise a fading thought

A sudden drop broke our pretty mirror
Which too often I polished and hung awry
Its pieces gathered to reflect clearer
The happenings I once wished to deny

Carry I burden of our shattered dreams
Or more specifically mine of the past
Think I made best of those extremes
While life to dreams still a contrast

At least my life is now honestly built
No more castles on crumbling stones
Nor fear the glare of a life in gilt
Merely a path with gentler intones

Belated but acknowledge still I must
Trial then was yours to bring me joy
Yet boundless was my greed my lust
For that race in life I cannot enjoy

How you naive and young may know when
Too high that I reached with such speed
Nigh impossible is it to stop me then
Truly your only task is to pay me heed

Written in August 2004.