Union Station


Stones and timber of Union Station
Watch a child's play in frustration
Some boy marches to his heart beats
And some girl fidgets in her pleats
Between the mists they mean to part
Hence their solo journeys may start
Before adulthood steals either away
They invent that final game to play
He grins and with ever assured airs
Points at random before he declares
There lies your way to Rainbows End
I know because I know you my friend
At that silly guess her head shakes
All that is her he clearly mistakes
Or still failing to learn the rules
The blind boy makes them both fools
At the first his deed stole her voice
By deeds only to defend her choice
Game and gazes to the mute girl
So over his wrist her fingers curl
Pressed to point between their feet
Where she sees the Rainbows seat
The blind reads naught of her signs
Surely misses sweet haven that shines
On that tragedy she cannot dwell
His silly grin all her emotions quell
For the innocent game he resumes
Before the silence them consumes
He ever only wishes to bring mirth
Ever her world there is that dearth
Out of breath the clock has twirled
Proud arrival of the grownup world
Declared thrice by whistle shrills
Only then their cocoon stills
Her hand retrieved pats her pocket
There crinkles a one-way ticket
Magic key to board any train
To leave where she wishes to remain
For all trains drown their laughter
And lead only to Silent Ever After
Still a train's compartment she enters
But on him her doleful eyes centers
Without her touch upon his shoulder
He cannot face his sight's holder
Averts her sight to find her calm
She finds his eyes in her palm
For him her hands would be nimble
Even behind a surgeon's thimble
Heal with heart and flesh her plight
A dainty touch to restore his sight
But too cruel for too late are they
Last call to the train will not delay
So they lose that chance of elation
Stones and timber of Union Station


Written July 20, 2004.