I wish there is a glittering sunrise.
So I can dream as every romantic is meant to dream.
And perhaps you would read those dreams from my face.

I wish there is a meteor shower.
So I can make my wishes all at once.
And perhaps they would be loud enough for you to hear.

I wish there is a tender snowfall.
So I can hide in its soft depth.
And perhaps you would not see such a harsh side of me.

I wish there is a thunderstorm.
So I can be a fragile girl, terrified.
And perhaps your arms would shield me.

I wish there is a starry night.
So I can cry regretful tears in peace.
And perhaps you would think them star dusts.

I wish there is a beautiful sunset.
So I can be mesmerized,
And perhaps forget you for a moment.

I wish there is a pouring shower.
So I can go dancing in the rain,
And perhaps the torrent can wash away my regrets.

I wish there is a freezing spell.
So I can rebuild my crystal palace.
And perhaps you can never penetrate it again.

February 24, 2004.