Write and Draw

Do not be fooled when I speak glibly
Of the calmness that reign anew in me
The deeper side I cannot put to voice
Try I may but fail by nature's decree

I write with esprit of dreams and joy
I draw fervently of hope that endures
For words and painted strokes spread
That which I wholeheartedly adjures

I write those thoughts I cannot say
I draw the deeds that society forbids
For artists' spirit have fragile wings
That gather strength in chrystalids

I write the lines I should have said
I draw dreams that shall slowly fade
For then never shall they be forgotten
Yet never shall they keep my weighed

I write what I perceive as my truth
I draw that which appear as my reality
For myself presented as an open book
Lays plain not its meanings in totality

Written on August 1, 2004.