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25 June 2006

- I don't know if anyone still checks this, but HEY. <3 I'msorryI'msorry. I love you~ And YO. Twin, Beanie, Seven, ANYONE...join Gaia and the Petz Guild, please? Even if the rest of Gaia doesn't do it for you, come play in the guild? It could almost be a little like Excite was for us. ^__^ It's worth a shot, no? Once you've joined gaia (, just go to the guild (" and send a request to join, and voila! SO MUCH LOVE. <3


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For if the dog be well remembered, if sometimes he leaps through your dreams actual as in life, eyes kindling, questing, asking, laughing, begging, it matters not at all where that dog sleeps at long and at last. On a hill where the wind is unrebuked and the trees are roaring, or beside a stream he knew in puppyhood, or somewhere in the flatness of a pasture land, where most exhilarating cattle graze. It is all one to the dog, and all one to you, and nothing is gained, and nothing lost -- if memory lives. But there is one best place to bury a dog. One place that is best of all. If you bury him in this spot, the secret of which you must already have, he will come to you when you call -- come to you over the grim, dim frontiers of death, and down the well-remembered path, and to your side again. And though you call a dozen living dogs to heel they should not growl at him, nor resent his coming, for he is yours and he belongs there. People may scoff at you, who see no lightest blade of grass bent by his footfall, who hear no whimper pitched too fine for mere audition, people who may never really have had a dog. Smile at them then, for you shall know something that is hidden from them, and which is well worth the knowing. The one best place to bury a good dog is in the heart of his master.
- Ben Hur Lampman

This site is dedicated to the memory of Toby, adopted on December 14, 1999, and euthanized on May 17, 2001.



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