Welcome to the web page where you can find out everything there is to know about junior handling in Australia.  This page is mainly about the Pedigree Pal handling finals held in each of the 6 states and 2 territories, every year.  This site will also have a great mailing list, chance to chat with other juniors and things to do with the finals! 

These things will include: *Qualifiers for each final
                                          * Reports on each of the finals
                                          * Results
                                          * Photos  and
                                          * a list of all those handlers that have been to Crufts and the placings they have acheived.

So sit back and enjoy yourself!

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Since 19th July, 2001
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State Finals dates: 
Victoria- July 14th (Judge: Mr M Camac (SA))
Tasmania- July 14th (Judge: Mr J Hubbard (VIC))
                  Northern Territory- 28th July (Judge: Mr H Gent (NSW))                   
New South Wales- 5th August (Judge: Mr M Winch (SA))
Queensland- 11th August (Judge: Miss A Cole (NSW)
Australian Capital Territory- 12th August (Ms K Ward (VIC))
South Australia- 2nd September (Mrs S Briggs (WA))
Western Australia- 30th September (Mrs M Marchant (SA))
NATIONAL FINAL- 7th October (Mrs E Williams (Sth Africa))
Leigh McVilly (Victoria), Kathryn Job (Tasmania), Ashley Smith (Northern Territory),
Ashleigh Oldfield (New South Wales), Krystie Irving (Queensland), Dianna Chifley (Australian Capital Territory)
Renee Fox (South Australia), Joanne Stewart (Western Australia)
to Renee Fox from South Australia on winning the National Finals and to Joanne Stewart from Western Australia on Runner Up!
Pics of the 2001 National Final
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