Original Color Model Sheets
Aeon Overcoat
Trevor Goodchild, Standard
Trevor Goodchild, Casual 2
Trevor Goodchild, Lab Coat
Trevor Goodchild, Expressions
Breen Officer, Standard
Monican Soldier, Standard
Aeon's Gun #1
Aeon's Bullets - Gun #1
Character Gun
Character Bullets
Trevor's Gun #1
Trevor's Bullets - Gun #2
Monican Gun Bullets
Trevor's Collar Microphone #1
Trevor's Wrist Video Screen
Breen Remote Camera
Aeon Motorcycle
Aeon's Car
Original Color Model Sheets
Obtained very recently from a source close to Colossal Pictures.
Each Color Model sheet is A4 in size (12" tall x 8.5" wide) and features annotated
references for the exact color to be used for each character and their various components.
These are taken from the Main Model Sheet Pack that was created at the start of Season 3,
to be used in each full length TV episode.