Mystery Men

PBEM game of amateur superheroics in the world of the movie "Mystery Men." Each player has a team of wannabe superheroes thrown into the real world of manic villains, alien gods, and the cosmic terror of the Astrogoth! Wildly popular, with 15 players at one time! The world was barely saved in the first 8-issue series, while the second series resulted in a strangely altered world. A third is currently under way. Designed by Rick Wynn (under the name "Smashing Tales") with moderate adjustments by Steve Johnson.

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Issue 8 Summary

There were no issues 9 through 20. So stop looking for them. Let it go.

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Second Series, Issue 20
Second Series, Issue 21
Second Series, Issue 22
Second Series, Issue 23
Second Series, Issue 24
Second Series, Issue 25
Second Series, Issue 26
Second Series, Issue 27
Second Series, Issue 28
Second Series, Final Standings

Issue 31: Quiet Day Turns Toxic!
Issue 32: Crime Union Disbanded!
Issue 33: Iron Ace Brought Down!
Issue 34: The Melting Man Craves Blood!
Issue 35: If This Be My Pressgang!
Issue 36: When Walks the Warmaster!