ST 20
DX 14
IQ 10
HT 18

Barbarian (-3 reaction from civilized people)
Military Rank 4 (Hereksa/Captain)
Famous +2

Total Reaction +3 from Tsolyani, +6 from N'luss, -1 from other civilized folk

Status 30

Easy Skills (cost 1 per level)


Average Skills (cost 2 per level)

Tsolyani language-10
N'luss language-15
Survival (mountains)-12

Steel Armor (DR 7)
Great bronze sword (Dmg 25)

Steel sword "Daybreak" (Dmg 20, reduces armor by half)


setstats 1

Hakiron has been dubbed HiChankullar the "Bear-Breaker" by the emperor, Eslene the 55th the
"Breaker of Legions." He is the captain (hereksa) of the N'luss cohort of the "Legion of the Mace Raised High" (23rd Heavy Infantry) and a N'luss barbarian (-3 reaction from civilized people.)

He wears a set of steel armor (breastplate, skullcap, forearm and shin guards and tassets, a sort of metallic skirt of narrow plates), a massive Yan Koryani bow requiring great strength to draw but shooting a quarter of a mile, and a steel sword with an edge like a freshly-stropped razor. The sword is called Daybreak, named after the infinitesimal instant when a white thread can be told from a black, signalling the beginning of the day.

He has recently become mildly famous (famous +2) "as the "man who fought the King of the Black Ssu" and the "hero of the Battle of Rings" as the battle of Do Chaka is popularly known.

The N'lüss are tall and muscular, 2.3 to 2.15m in height. They compel the Mu'ugalavyáni to maintain large garrisons along their northern frontiers, and bands of these huge barbarians are welcome by both the armies of Yán Kór and Tsolyánu. The N'lüss worship Vimúhla and Chténg, being descendants of the Dragon Warriors. They distinguish between 'nobles' (ie. lineages from which chiefs are hereditarily selected) and 'commoners'. Within each of these two groups wealth then plays a part. They are seen as rowdy, pugnacious, brutal, and honourable to a fault.