Mekelu hiMraktine
of the Golden Sunburst Clan

ST 12
DX 13
IQ 13
HT 12

Poor reputation (within the clan only, -15 points)
Military Rank of Molkar (Colonel) of the 23rd Heavy Infantry, the "Legion of the Mace Raised High"
Wealthy: can afford steel armguards and gorget, steel sword, sedan chair, small second home. Main home is in Bey Su.
Famous +1 as the leader of the forlorn hope at the Battle of the Rings

Social Status 60

Assess Personality-15

Ally: Zakaria, priestess of Hrihayal, 50%
Ally: Mellis, senior sergeant, 80%
Ally: Chri, Ahoggya signalman, often when least expected
Area Knowledge: Jakalla
Area Knowledge: Bey Su
Contact: General Kettukal hiMraktine, cousin
Contact: Salik, harem guard of Avanthar
Omni-Connection, temple bureaucracy, 20% (He knows someone in the heirarchy of every temple, but given his current disgrace, there is only a 20% chance they will see him. Some might be willing to see him as long as no one knew about it.)

Mekelu was a captain of engineers attached to the 23rd Heavy Infantry during the desperate Battle of Do Chaka. When the Mu'ugalavyani unleashed a horde of Ssu on the army, Mekelu was able to rally his men into an improvised defensive ring atop a hill, then led a charge at the enemy general and his sorceror, scattering the Ssu. For this feat he was promoted Colonel of the 23rd, a legion of Ahoggya, N'luss, Yan Koryani and Mu'ugalavyani.

Mekelu's love for Zakaria upset his clan's marriage plans and earned their enmity. Forsaking his priestly studies in the temple of Chegarra, he joined the army to forget her, but later discovered she was part of Prince Dhi'chune's faction in his attempt to seize the Petal Throne. Mekelu rescued Zakaria from the underground tomb-city of Sarku, and it turned out she had been forced into cooperating with Dhi'chune all along. He is convinced of her innocence, although the ever-watchful Omnipotent Azure Legion is not so sure ...