Episode 19: Ill Met in Kingsport

Julie and everyone she can reach head up to Kingsport to destroy Deliverance Dole in his den. They run into Morning Breeze, Bites-The-Heart, and Moonfang, all of whom are abominations (werewolf vampires!) or about to be. In an epic battle in which Harmon Creel and Walker are badly hurt, and Marcus Pope is momentarily possessed by the demon Zarathos, the gang kicks butt, and only Dole escapes. Thessaly proves to have absolutely no fear, which almost gets her killed, but Harmon bravely gets her to safety, then gets disembowelled by Morning Breeze. He's gonna be in the hospital a while.

Episode 20: King of All the Vampires

Deliverance Dole uses the Stone of Cain to command all vampires in North America to come to Arkham, and they do -- there are, it turns out, hundreds of them, and they're all over the streets! Dole moves to take over the city and make it the vampire capital of a new invisible empire, but our heroes arrive just in time to be chased from here to there by roving squads of vamps all over the streets.

Learning that their parents and other town authority figures are being held in the library, Julie and her friends bust in and attack. A sudden burst of sunlight floods the street, torching many vamps and giving them a clear run to the library. But Dole ambushes our heroes, using not only the Stone of Caine to command vampires but a weird multi-armed alembic of silver to control werewolves! He makes Walker charge Julie, but Julie runs right past Dole, causing Walker to slam into both of them, pushing them through the wall and out into sunlight. Julie hits hard, Walker hits harder, Dole bursts into flames in midair as the unnatural light shines down.

Turns out the light was created by the Doctor, but in the process he apparently used himself up, burning down to a flickering coal.