Episode 42: Twin Freaks

Cheryl Longstreet, a local high school senior, is killed under mysterious circumstances. Investigating, the gang comes across the greenhouse lab of high schooler Luther Bliss, where he apparently used ether to synthesize various drugs. A shaggy denim-clad demon appears and threatens Juliet; she swings wildly, starts a fire and burns the place down. Various clues are saved from the blaze. FBI agent Chet Desmond is assigned to the Longstreet case, and makes friends with Juliet and Alexandra.

Episode 43: Damn Good Coffee

Everyone in town starts pursuing their various addictions with lethal intensity, gorging on chocolate, coffee, sweets, roleplaying games, etc. Dr. Armitage attributes this to a hunger demon, perhaps related to the classic hunger demon Gwaichor. Indeed, a little man does appear to Alexandra, speaking an odd backwards speech and recommending that she partake immoderately of coffee, chocolate and bacon, among other delights. The gang tracks Luther Bliss' drug business to Jules, a truck driver who gave Luther drums of haloperidol (a hallucination blocker) in exchange for the pure drug. Jules needed to suppress visions of Tom, a shaggy denim-clad demon who tormented him with hunger. Alex and Juliet see Tom, who attacks them, grinning nastily. Instead of killing Jules, they exorcise him, causing Jules to vomit forth most of his body weight.

Episode 44: Dismember of the Wedding

Several people are torn apart as if by wild dogs; as Juliet fears, it's the werewolves, arriving in town for the wedding. The particular wolf in this case is a Red Talon named Up-ha-nay, and his fury and Red Talon gift of super-sharp bloodclaws nearly gets the better of Juliet, Walker and Marshal all together. But they get him, eventually, pinning him to a gas pump and setting it on fire. Tom emerges from the body and runs off into the woods. Juliet visits the Hub Pack, werewolves from Boston who deny any involvement.

Episode 45: The Jurassic Horror

More attacks and murders by ripping people apart, although the werewolves deny it. Turns out they're telling the truth -- it's really a pack of Utahraptors, lean toothy dinosaurs with sharp dewclaws on their heels! Juliet finds her sword is sufficient to decaptitate these horrors, but everyone else finds arrows, stakes, etc. don't bother the dinosaurs much at all.

Seeking refuge in a nearby house, the gang finds and frees Diligence's Uncle Edgar, who claims that Diligence freed him from the asylum, summoned dinosaurs from the remote past, and is keeping a hunger demon caged upstairs. Miles checks it out and discovers Diligence up there, all right, and gets stabbed by him with a butcher knife! It's not the real Diligence, of course, and when he escapes through a window and rides away into the sky on a bloated shantank-bird, everyone agrees it's nothing like the Diligence we know. Until the real Diligence starts talking again, that is, baring the deep similarities.

The hunger demon is Tom, of course, and proves able to set off Juliet's Slayer instinct, but fortunately no one is killed. He gets exorcised, and escapes the evil Diligence's trap, roaming free again. Dr. Armitage starts researching a spell to not just expel Tom from his current host, but return him to Hell where he belongs. Chet Desmond says if Tom is an earth-spirit, not a demon from Hell, he can't be dispelled in that way, but Dr. Armitage doesn't wanna hear it.

The final guests, the Bell Pack, arrive in town from Philly. Now we await Moonfang's appearance to start the wedding festivities, which Walker assures everyone will be mercifully quick.