Roleplaying game of a Slayer and her friends battling the evil of the Hellmouth located just outside Arkham, Massachusetts. Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Call of Cthulhu.

Episode 1: Something Fishy
Episode 2: Second Night
Episode 3: Twins
Episode 4: Walker
Episode 5: Hunters
Episode 6: The Short Reign of Excellence
Episode 7: The Shadow Over Diligence
Episode 8: The Vampire Slayer
Episode 9: Raiders of the Misfiled Ark
Episode 10: Welcome to the Hellmouth
Episode 11: There Can Be Only One
Episode 12: Full Moon Homecoming
Episode 13: Diligence is its Own Reward
Episode 14: Bad Wolf
Episode 15: Thy Father's Keeper
Episode 16: The Circle
Episode 17: The Shadow over Fells Harbor
Episode 18: Across the Sea of Dreams
Episode 19 and 20: King of the Night (short summary)
Episode 21: Visitors by Night 
Episode 22: Tunnel Rats
Episode 23: The Ladder 
Episode 24: Cat Scratch Fever
Episode 25: Trick or Treat
Episode 26: A Father's Sacrifice
Episode 27: The Faculty
Episode 28: Cthulhu Season
Episode 29: Fish Fry
Episode 30: Immortal Clay
Episode 31: Moon Hunter 
Episode 32: Shining Armor
Episode 33: Blood Rush 
Episode 34: Bad Doctor 
Episode 35: Second Thoughts
Episode 36: Unlife Tenure
Episode 37: Team Crow
Episode 38: Interlude
Episode 39: Arena Without Crowds
Episode 40: Beatification, Part I
Episode 41: Beatification, Part II
Episode 42: Twin Freaks 
Episode 43: Damn Good Coffee
Episode 44: Dismember of the Wedding
Episode 45: The Jurassic Horror