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Larry Brom
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The Iron Frontier: Landship Battles of the Steam Age

The Empire Club is devoted to the exploration, exploitation and conquest of Micomica, the continent in the Indian Ocean discovered circa 1860 by Michael Cerevant of South Africa. With Britain and France busy in India and Africa, respectively, the "new empires" of Germany, Spain and other European powers (plus Japan and the United States!) rush to explore and lay claim to the new land.

Micomica is 2,000 miles in extent from SW to NE and is home to several coastal missions/coaling stations/trading posts, but no real cities as yet. European footholds include:

NUEVO TRIESTE: (Italy) Glowering at the Austrians across a sea not unlike the Adriatic back home and fighting battles with the inhabitants of Dogaliland (eventually intended to become Italian Dogaliland).

MARIE-THERESE-STADT: (Austro-Hungarian Empire) A naval base commanded by one Kapitan von Trapp.

INDEPENDENCE (Independent): A settlement of defeated Confederate soldiers and their families, including General Nathan Bedford Forrest.

REUNIONVILLE (France): A coaling station midway between French West Africa and French Indochina. Garrisoned by Foreign Legionnaires and native contingents, with perhaps three French officers in the entire city.

DIEGO GARCIA (Spain): Has been here for 100 years, trading with the locals for rubber and tea from the sweltering interior. Very weakly defended; the walls are stone, but the cannons are muzzle-loaders. Several companies of native troops, mostly of mixed Spanish-Micomican heritage.

Besides these tiny establishments, there are known to be several native civilizations, or perhaps fragments of a larger, ancient civilization. Micomican natives are reddish-bronze-skinned, shading to a deep bronze in the torrid north, and their land, broken up into many small districts by mountains and rivers, has as many political divisions as Europe. Legends of Prester John's kingdom, men who fly with the aid of wings, a kingdom of the dead, Roman holdouts awaiting the liberation of Byzantium from the Turk, mad doctors practicing their immoral experiments far from the public eye, etc. etc. are commonplace. Most are true in some degree or another.

Recently, the novel potentialities of steam propulsion have led to the development of Landships: huge armored conveyances like steamships on land, propelled by tracks, wheels, articulated legs or stranger motive devices. Several clashes between colonial factions wishing to use their fleeting technical advantage for gain have already occurred.

The Club

The Empire Club invites you to participate in the unfolding Micomican saga. Every player will manage the forces of one European power and is encouraged to invent native civilizations to charm, hire, enlist or battle. The club is based in Northern Virginia, with monthly miniature tabletop battles at the condominium home of Rick Wynn, and will probably have a strong representation on the Net as well. We frequently visit the Game Parlor, the gentleman of Leisure's preferred Adventure Gaming Establishment.

Contact Club Secretary Steve Johnson

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