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"For a long time I had abandoned hope of ever really changing... but then I realized I needed to trust my life into the hands of a much greater power than that of man on Earth, so I turned to the Lord...”
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After spending a great portion of my life locked in patterns of sexual addiction that denied me the spiritual blessings I sincerely desired, I have now spent decades wondering at the miracles wrought in my life through the application of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and teaching others that the same blessings can be theirs.

It took me over thirty years to discover and to admit that, no matter how long I lived, no matter how hard I tried, I was never going to overcome my weaknesses, correct my faults, and conquer my sins by myself. It took me even longer to discover the startling truth that God never expected me to do so.

Learning how to work as partners with Christ, learning how to draw from Him the grace, wisdom, and strength I needed to reach beyond my own limitations, I found the way to make Him a very real part of my life.

This is, therefore, one of my most important and helpful books:

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It is a major revision and expansion of my first book, The Worth of a Soul.

It retells the original story of over thirty years of addiction to pornography and other sexual compulsions, eventually resulting in excommunication. We have added many details about our struggles that we did not divulge in the first book.

This book provides much more detail about how I was eventually converted to the Lord and the rescuing power of His atonement, which gave me a new birth and freedom from my lifetime of addictions. More importantly, it now explains how any person can apply these principles to their own situations and find freedom from their defeats.

Perhaps the most important part of this book is that it is now co-authored by my wife, who finally told her part of the story and added much material that will be of help to wives whose husbands are struggling with addiction. She explains how one can and cannot help the spouse and how to maintain your self-respect and relationship with God under such difficult circumstances.


Other Publications by Steven A. Cramer

Available for purchase through your local LDS bookstores.
If you prefer to purchase online or by toll-free number, please see my links page for contact information.

Putting on the Armor of God: Winning Your Battles with Satan.
 Available from Cedar Fort Publications at 925 No. Main, Springville, UT 84663. ISBN 1-55517-122-2

To win your battles, you must know your enemy. This book contains a detailed analysis of the cunning devices, manipulations, strategies of defeat and temptation used by Satan to rob us of purity, hope and determination. It includes step-by-step strategies for increasing faith and protecting ourselves on the battlegrounds of thought, morals, prayer, temptations, memories, perfectionism, and others by drawing upon the armor of God and His grace and power to defend ourselves and win our battles.

Conquering Your Own Goliaths. Available from Cedar Fort Publications at 925 No. Main, Springville, UT 84663. ISBN 1-55517-122-2.

This book illustrates that the Lord is always at the ready to deliver us from even the most serious of circumstances, including addictions that we may have imposed upon ourselves through deliberate choices. It explains how to apply the atonement to overcoming common self-defeating spiritual Goliaths, such as poor self-image, improper thought habits, temptations, adversity, unresolved guilt and indecision.

Conquering Your Own Goliaths (
fireside recording on cassette tape). Available from Covenant Communications at P.O. Box 416, American Fork, UT 84003.

This talk addresses the same theme as the book, but contains much information that was not included in the book.

Winning the Battles with Satan (fireside recording on cassette tape). Available from Covenant Communications at P.O. Box 416, American Fork, UT 84003.

This talk describes how Satan attacks and manipulates our thoughts and feelings and how we can protect ourselves from him.

Great Shall Be Your Joy. Available from Cedar Fort Publications at 925 No. Main, Springville, UT 84663. ISBN 0-934126-48-8.

Our Savior Jesus Christ has repeatedly given the assurance, "My grace is sufficient for all men."  This book explains how to draw upon Christ’s power and grace to compensate for our weaknesses; how to partner with Him in the struggles to overcome our fallen natures instead of trying to be our own Savior; how to be more submissive and trusting in God’s promises to us, and develop a Christ-centered foundation that will lead us into true righteousness and spiritual victory.

In the Arms of His Love
. Available from Covenant Communications at P.O. Box 416, American Fork, UT 84003. ISBN 1-57734-662-9. Book on cassette also available.

A powerful assurance of the Savior’s infinite and unconditional love and concern for every person, regardless of their present lifestyle. How to overcome the barriers that prevent us from believing and accepting His love; plus nine specific strategies for how to draw closer to God, share His love more effectively with others, and eventually meet Him face to face.

Draw Near Unto Me. 
Available from Covenant Communications at P.O. Box 416, American Fork, UT 84003. ISBN 1-57734-977-X. Book on cassette also available.

25 short essays that represent, summarize, restate, and culminate most of what I have tried to share and teach throughout my 20+ years of authorship. I believe this book may make the principles more practical to grasp and apply than any of my previous books.

Victory in Christ
- Living in a Temple Instead of a Prison.  Available from Cedar Fort Publications at 925 No. Main, Springville, UT 84663. ISBN 1-55517-908-8.

This book teaches how to grow closer to the Savior through mastery of the natural-man weaknesses we all face through the improper desires of our fallen flesh. It teaches us how to rise above the carnal and reach for the spiritual as we make temples of our bodies instead of allowing them to become prisons that control us. You can increase the power of your eternal spirit over the limitations of your body and natural-man condition, simply by improving the use of each part of your physical body. The task of making temples of our bodies, and becoming more like the Savior, is made easier by the strategies provided for gaining control of each major part of the body, such as the mouth, the mind and heart, the eyes, ears and hands.

Angels: Messengers of God’s Love - Fireside recording on cassette or CD Available from Covenant Communications at P.O. Box 416, American Fork, UT 84003.

Some of the topics in this talk include: Who are angels? Where do they live? What do they do? What do they look like? What are their powers? What are the different types of angels? Are there really "guardian" angels? What do we need to do to qualify for the promptings or ministering of angels in our lives?

Here are some talks and articles that I wanted to share online:

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Note: I have shifted the focus of my time away from authoring and speaking to concentrating on Family History work, so I'm afraid I no longer have time to personally respond to the many requests for help that come in from readers seeking help in their recovery. But fortunately, there are now many sources readily available to people desiring recovery from their weaknesses and addictions. Click here to learn about the Addiction Recovery Program now available through the Church’s Family Services department.

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