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28th February 1998

    Juno First News
    The author of the Juno First emulator is taking a one month holiday break so there will be no updates made to this emulator during the month of March.

27th February 1998

    The end of Emulation Camp Part II
    Well it seems like the other co-maintainers will continue the maintenacnce of Emulation Camp, woohoo, unfortunately however minus Zoop :-( Also a English translated version of Zoop's departing message is now available on Emulation Camp for all of you to read.

    The end of Emulation Camp
    Well it seems like another great emulation site is going to be disappearing from the scene, that's right, Zoop ( maintainer of the Emulation Camp site ) has decided to call it quits. The reasons for his departure from the scene are set out on the Emulation Camp home page, so please take the time to read it because it is quite lengthy. If the other co-maintainers decide to continue maintaining the site then Emulation Camp will still exist ( minus Zoop of course ) otherwise Emulation Camp will be no more. I would just like take this time to say good luck Zoop on whatever you set out to do in the future and you and your site ( if it's not to be continued ) will be deeply missed from the emulation scene.

    Slutte progress
    Well it seems some major progress on the Bionic Commando emulator, Slutte has been made. At the moment you can find some new screenshots of the game on the emulator's homepage and as you can see by those pictures, the emulator can now display the game's sprites.. woohoo. The author also suggests that there might be a release on Monday, ie. if he can crack the control system for the emulator, so fingers crossed.

    Callgirl - front end program for Callus
    Here is a new Callus front end program for you to try out called Callgirl. At the moment it supports all of the games in which the latest release of Callus can play and it implements most of the features found in Callus as well. Try it out.

    URL 0.91 released
    Zoop has again released a new version of his universal front end program URL, this release is a maintenance release which fixes a few minor bugs here and there. New in this version -

      - Various bugs fixed.
      - Redesigned the configuration screen and added a new switche to disable the screen saver.
      - Does not crash anymore with fast mouses.
      - Does not crash anymore on fast system (Pentium 2..).
      - Added the windows icon which was not packaged with the last release.

    Sites to check out
    Here are two new sites for you to check out, the first site is called Red Guy's Emulation Page and the second site is called The Emulation Pinncale. Check them out now.

26th February 1998

    URL 0.9 released
    Zoop's universal front end program, URL has now been updated to version 0.9. New in this release -

      - Many many bugs fixed.
      - Added mouse support.
      - Added a visual script feature (easier and faster). You can still edit scripts manually using
      - Now you can configure the list generator with [SHIFT]+[F10]
      - Added script command NOSUBDIR.
      - Added ratings. Use [SHIFT]-[F6] to rate a rom.
      - Added 80*50 video mode.
      - Now URL support almost unlimited registered roms. With about 600 kb of base memory, you can
        handle up to 4500 registered roms and 1000 files on the same directory. It should be enough :)
        You can also choose the maximum files limits to reduce memory usage.
      - Added Mame name reading features. Press [*] then [F8] to read names of all your roms. Because of
        this features full names are no more included in the default URL.ROM file.
      - Now you can the internal name of a zipped rom.
      - Fixed the garbage at the end of the string when reading the name of a Gameboy rom.
      - Added a search string function in the file viewer (F3).
      - Added a filter against japanese names.
      - Added a screensaver and the ALT-X shortcut to quit URL.
      - Added physical renaming with [SHIFT]+[F8].
      - Added a shortcut to view the file using your external editor.
      - Added a windows icon by Made/Bomb (
      - Renamed script command TARGET_DIR to TARGET.
      - Renamed script command CHOICE to SHORTCUT.
      - No more KILL_EXT command, which is obsolete since URL use it automatically when needed (in
        the case of arcade roms).
      - Added a Sound Blaster mixer (!) because someone requested it. It may be usefull on some
        computer. Key is [SHIFT]-[F9].
      - Added SHOW WHEN UNZIPPING switch in main configuration screen.
      - Added a random game hotkey ('!' by default).
      - Added command line switch /RUN to run a game directly.

    Playable Bad Dudes emulator
    There are some new screenshots of the Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja emulator being played. From the home page -

      Bad Dudes is playable! - Yep, I got the scrolling done and I almost have the sprites 100% (the
      x-coords of some are still out but this will be easy to fix). Level 1 is fully playable, level 2 (the
      truck level) works but the truck itself is not drawn yet (it must be stored in the other tile plane). Level 3
      also seems to lack a tile plane. I still need to sort out the colours and the sound.

    Visitor 40,000 is...
    Congratulations goes to Entomorph for being visitor 40,000 to StormWorld. :-)

      - I lover yer page, keep up the good work!

25th February 1998

    System 16 News
    Here is some news from the System 16 homepage -

      - S.D.I. is now playable with sound !
      - In order to make S.D.I. playable, i added the mouse support to the System 16 emulator.
      - A new game added ! This time it's Passing Shot, it's also playable with sound ! Take a look to the
        screen shots page.
      - The Out Run, Space Harrier, Hang-On and Super Hang-On leds are now emulated via the keyboard

    SCL version 2.3 released
    Version 2.3 of the Callus front end program SCL has been released. New in this version -

      - Each game now has its own settings instead of using one global setting for all games
      - Can now disable/enable sound
      - Added an editable "info" text box that can be used to store useful information

    Thanks to Dave Lilly for the e-mail.

    Arcade Emulators - Work in progress
    Two more emulators which are in a work in progress state, so at the moment there is no release available for you to download. The first arcade emulator is a Data East emulator which supports games such as Bad Dudes VS Dragon Ninja and Robocop. The second arcade emulator is a single arcade emulator called Slutte which will be emulating the game Bionic Commando.

24th February 1998

    Visitor 40,000?
    If you are visitor 40,000 please send me an e-mail with a screenshot, thank you. :-)

    Multi-arcade emulator front ends added
    Added three multi-arcade emulator front-ends to the utilities page, FrontRage, UltraRage and Ultra System-16.

    New sections added
    I have added a section for the multi-arcade emulators Juno First, RAGE and System 16, so if you have or know of any news, sites, utilities etc. for those emulators then please report them to me, thank you. :-)

    Xain'D Sleena emulator
    A new arcade emulator has been released today which allows you to play the arcade game, Xain'D Sleena. This debut release for the emulator is still in an alpha stage, so expect a lot of bugs in this emulator.

    Interviews with emu authors
    #GameROM have conducted yet another interiew, this time with the author or the Linux Genesis emulator, Genux. Also The EMU-Soft FX site has conducted an interview with the PC-NES author, Jim Geffre, check it out.

    Thanks to FNM and Fabiano Lopes for the e-mails.

    ... :-)
    Well since there is nothing much to report in terms of SNES and Callus news at the moment, let's talk about other emulation stuff. :-)

22nd February 1998

    Still having problems with sound in ZSNES?
    Just saw on one of the posts over on the ZSNES messageboard, a possible solution to the no sound problem in which people might be experiencing. Basically all you have to do is change the IRQ of your sound card to 5 and lo and behold, SOUND!!! I can't tell if this works or not because I don't have any problems with ZSNES's sound, I guess I am one of those lucky ones. :-) Anyway for a full step by step procedure on how to change your sound card IRQ, here is a link to the post.

    ZSNES ROM compatibility list
    Are you still wondering which SNES ROMS are compatible with ZSNES, well then wonder no more. Here is a huge ROM compatibility list ( with over 600 ROMS tested ) for you to check out, it tells you which ones work flawlessly and which ones have minor or severe problems when run under ZSNES.

    Sites closing down
    What's happening to the emulation scene these days, it seems a number of site maintainers are shutting down their sites for one reason or another. The two sites which have now closed their doors to the public are Atmospherical Heights ( probably considered one of the greatest arcade emulation sites around ) and Knaper's MacMAME ( a site dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest information in the upcoming versions of MAME ). This truly is a sad day in emulation.

    ROM sites added
    I have added 6 more SNES ROM sites to the SNES ROM links page, go check them out now. :-)

20th February 1998

    BreakPoint Interview
    The #GameROM site has conducted another interview, this time with the N64 emulator author BreakPoint.

    Thanks to FNM for the e-mail.

    UZI version 0.20 released
    Andreas Koslowski has released a new version of his ZNSES front end program, UZI. New in this version -

      - Support for ZSNES 0.305
      - Added QuickROM(TM) buttons.
      - Extended key redefinition.
      - Joybutton redefinition

    Classic games online in Java
    While we are on the subject of online games, why not play one of your old time favourite games online?? All of these games have been written in Java and are free to play, so all you need in order to play them is a Java capable browser which I am sure everyone is using right now. =) Some of the games offered are chess, checkers, reversi, poker, hearts, bridge and backgammon. For the full list of what games are available, why not check out now.

    Arrogance of the Online Gamer
    Here is an article for you to read if you play online games, it's more of an opinion then anything else but never the less it is interesting.

    New Mystic Ark patch released
    Razor-X translations have released a new translation patch for the SNES game, Mystic Ark. Below is a list of the current translation progress of the patch -

      - Menus
      - Naming Screen
      - Intro (some)

    SNESSOR for DOS version 2.1 released
    Butcha has released a new version of his SNES ROM sound hacking utility, SNESSOR. New in this version -

      - You can now load WAV files into your favorite ROMs and replace samples! More info in
      - Added lots more precision to the speed select, you can now select the frequency by approximately
        one musical half-step each keypress. It also allows you to manually type in the frequency.
      - Added a sensitivity option, in case SNESSOR was skipping samples that you think should be there.
        If you can't find a sample, lowering this value should help.
      - Introduced a different sensitivity for samples that loop, because short samples that loop are less
        likely to be trash than short samples that don't. Also added the option to change this.

    SNES Explorer v0.95 released
    A new verison of the SNES ROM utility program, SNES Explorer has been released. New in this version -

      - Changed 'Export to Text' to 'Generate file listing' since many got it wrong. Plus fixed up the code
        to save the correct ROM info.
      - Added 'Parameters' to options if you want to use it as a front end.
      - Change the ROM reading a bit.

    Thanks to SnesX for the e-mail.

19th February 1998

    SNES Explorer v0.90 released
    A new version of the SNES ROM utility, SNES Explorer has been released. For all those people out there who don't know what this program is, here is a short description of what it does -

      SNES Explorer is a ROM util for SNES files. It will let you edit the information inside your SNES
      roms such as game title, type, size, license etc. The software features a easy to use interface.

    New in this version -

      Version 0.90 is a complete rewrite. SNES Explorer should now be 99% correct and run on all

    Thanks to SnesX for the e-mail.

    EasySNES v1.60 released
    A new version of the multi-SNES emulator front end program EasySNES has been released, new in this version -

      - Added ADSR (gain) switching for ZSNES ver 0.305
      - detect Rom's real name for both Low & Hi Roms.
      - fixed some bugs in the interface

17th February 1998

    SNESSOR 95 v1.2b released
    Infe has released a new version of the Windows 95 port of SNESSOR, the sound ripping utility. New in this version -

      Now, when you save your ripped data, it is saved into a .wav file, instead of just raw sound data.
      As noted in the intro above, this means you can look through the "fuzz" to find snes sounds if you
      like, instead of using a sound editor. I also decided to keep the BlackJack game, and fixed it up.
      All the bugs that I know of in it are gone. I think I may have a crash bug when you try to rip your
      second rom, but it may have been something weird during debug, I'm not sure. Minor GUI touchup.

    Exclusive Project Unreality screenshots
    [-NiRv-] of nEMU has managed to obtain some exclusive screenshots of the upcoming version of the N64 emulator, Project Unreality running a few demo programs. Check them out.

    Thanks to [-NiRv-] for the e-mail.

    More news from the Grog Connection
    The latest news on the RSR series of programs from The Grog Connection site -

      I'm officially naming SNES Basic "Snide" for SNes Integrated Development Environment.
      The resource compiler is finished, and works great with the assembler. I should have an early
      beta release sometime this week. I've also implemented a few ROM hacking tools; I'll have the
      best uncompressed tile editor out there... I'm also adding support for custom ActiveX components
      that can be inserted into Snide, for example custom decompressors for specific games being
      translated. The activeX inserts could also add new 3rd party resource types and editors. I compiled
      a few simple demos to SMC format today, and they ran on ZSNES and SNES9X for windows

    Villgust translation patch version 0.25 released
    Razor X translations have released a new translation patch for the SNES game, Villgust. New in this version -

      Items, Weapons, Armor, Spells all pretty much translated. Names fixed to better match Japanese.
      Several Dual Tile situations fixed for better looks. Out of the few that still remain we can't do
      much about those.

    SNESKey 1.61 released
    The SNES emulator utility SNESKey has been updated with a new minor release, this version has "debugged Sidewinder and GPP drivers as well as support for up to four Sidewinders and two GPPs. The multi-player support hasn't been tested, so if you have more than one of either of these controllers let me know how it works."

    New Treasure Hunter G patch released
    Mana Translations have released a new Treasure Hunter G translation patch. Here is a list of the current progress of the patch -

      - Patched uppercase into font
      - Patched lowercase into Font
      - 32x32 Font translation
      - 90% of Ruuri Speaks English
      - 80% of the Fire is in English
      - 50% of Sebia speaks english
      - fixed some bugs
      - Cave is 95% Translated
      - Town Names
      - 40% of begining sequence

16th February 1998

    More on Callus...
    This little snippet was taken from Dave's Video Game Claasics -

      Heres a little followup story regarding Callus and other bloodlust emulators, it seems that in addition
      to the rom requesting and whinning little lamers, Sardu is really involved in his school work this
      semester (and who could blame him either? I can certainly relate to that). Any and all bloodlust
      emulators are put off until AT LEAST the summer. Remember, this is just rumors that I have heard,
      they are not verified by Sardu himself.

15th February 1998

    SNEmul version 0.4.5 has been released
    Archeide and Vox have released a new version of their SNES emulator, SNEmul. New in this version -

      - HDMA bugs fixed: games like F-ZERO (e.g with pseudo 3D effects) are now playable!
      - fixed bug that disallowed Street Fighter II turbo to work properly (SF2T is now nearly playable).
      - fixed bug in cached tiles system (no more blink effects).
      - fixed a serious bug that led to those strange landscapes in Zelda, Final Fantasy(s) (FF2 is
        now playable !!) and Contra 3 !
      - fixed bug in MODE 7 flip mode.   - fixed several bugs in SRAM handling (files are no more
        destroyed ;), and also implemented SRAM for HiROM... implemented snapshots ! You can
        save & restore the SNES state to make "hard sauvegarde". You can use 4 snapshots by game...
      - implemented mosaic effects.
      - fixed a lot of other bugs in the emulation and the GUI !

    Site to check out
    Here is a French emulation site ( called Emulation Live ) to check out for all of you people out there who can read French. :-)

    Raine version 0.8 released
    J3d! of DeJap translations has released a new version of his multi-arcade emulator, RAINE. New in this version -

      - It's still not really up to the standard of most emus...
      - Terra Cresta and Armed Formation nearly playable.
      - Added Rainbow Islands orginal version (Taito).
      - Added BadDudes and HeavyBarrel (DataEast).
      - Improvements to most games.
      - Noticable speed increase (esp. on Rastan/Rainbow Islands).
      - Added some runtime controls (Save Snapshot, Change Frame Rate).
      - Added a 640x480 videomode (esp. for DarkForce...).

    Thanks to J3d! for the e-mail.

14th February 1998

    RSRSNES news
    Here is some more news on the progress of the SNES emulator RSRSNES taken from The Grog Connection home page -

      I've been working on SNES Basic most heavily lately, and I'm probably going to continue to
      spend most of my time on it. I'm getting the urge to write an RPG, and would love to have it run on
      the SNES... Here's a screenshot of the latest version of the SNES IDE. As you can see, I've gotten
      many of the resource editors finished. I may have an early beta version out by the end of this
      weekend (no guarantees, as usual).

    Please note that I said that the discontinuation of Callus is only a RUMOR, too many people are taking what I posted up yesterday too seriously and are believing it is fact. Only Sardu really knows if Callus will be discontinued or not, so until then, enjoy version 0.23 of Callus and keeping looking forward to a new release.

13th February 1998

    Discontinuation of Callus??
    There is a rumor going around that Callus has been dropped and that Sardu will make an official announcement on this tomorrow... stay tuned.

    ZSNES version 0.305 released
    zsKnight and _Demo_ have released a new version of ZSNES, new in this version -

      - Fixed a SNES PPU multiplication bug
      - Hopefully fixed 6-button joystick support
      - Fixed a little memory overflow bug which caused some games to not work
      - Forgot to clear NMI wait substitute variables when another game is loaded from the GUI
      - Changed sound processing engine back to v0.297. If for any reason you want to go back to v0.300
        sound engine, use -x as a command line
      - Added Cursor Mode Button to the Super Scope. Never thought it was necessary until recently.
        Use the =/+ key.

    Thanks to Fabiano Lopes for the e-mail.

    SNEeSe version 0.14 released
    Savoury Snax has released a new version of his SNES emulator, SNEeSe. New in this version -

      - VMAIN register, or to put it another way emulated SNES hardware bug in
      - VMAIN register.
      - Fixed bug in mode 0 colour selection.
      - GUI improved
      - Fixed bug in sprite edge clipping routine
      - Added some support for the remaining readable hardware registers.
      - Fixed bug in sprite addressing routines, sidplayer demo now displays the missing sprites.
      - Fixed bug in DMA operation 1, Mario works better but still has gfx corruption when changing maps.
        SNES test cart runs completely through all character tests, but fails on many due to incomplete
      - Fixed mode 7 register bug
      - Implemented mode 7 flipping in X & Y.
      - Fixed bug in memory mapper for reading illegal registers.
      - Large amounts of CPU code and tile code has been re-worked.

    Thanks to Savoury Snax for the e-mail

12th February 1998

    RSRSNES progress update
    You can read up over on The Grog Connection, the current progress of the SNES emulator RSRSNES.

    EasySNES v1.55 released
    Version 1.55 of the SNES emulator front end program, EasySNES has been released, new in this version -

      - Roms Directory Can now Be saved
      - Roms's real name display
      - Supporting the new options of Zsnes v0.300b

    Site to check out
    Here is a new SNES ROM site for you to check out, with over 300+ SNES ROMS online, this is definitely a place to visit. Check out the site, Niko's A+ ROMS now.

11th February 1998

    WinAmp 1.73 released
    Yet another release of the MP3 audio player, WinAmp.

    ZSNES v0.300b released
    This new release is just a bug fix version which fixes up the Sidewinder bug crash problem... At the moment you can only download this new version from Zophar's ZSNES mirror site, or you can of course wait until tomorrow for the main site to be updated. =)

    ZSNES v0.300 released
    zsKnight and _Demo_ have released a new version of their SNES emulator, ZSNES. New in this version -

      - Fixed a 65816 wrapping bug
      - Added Super Scope Emulation! (Press 7 beyond mouse)
      - Some minor touches to the GUI
      - Manually calculated RGB bit lengths when using 16-bit modes
      - Fixed another bug when loading 48mbit images from the GUI
      - Sped up the execution loop when sound is enabled
      - Implemented NMI wait substitute for speed
      - Added some extra vesa2 routines to help some video cards with ARGB format of 1:5:5:5,
        however interpolation won't work for those at the moment. Thanks to Dark Force for helping out on
        this one!
      - Implemented 512x384 VESA2 resolution for both 8 and 16 bit
      - Implemented Sound Mute and Reset
      - Implemented Joystick Remapping. Edit ZSNES.CFG to access this.
      - Fixed and sped up 6 button joystick support
      - Fixed 2 2-button joystick support
      - Hopefully fixed 2 sidewinder support
      - Fixed an overflow sound bug

    Interview with NoFrendo author
    The site Gamerom has conducted another interview with a emulator author. This time it is with Matt Conte, author of the superb new NES emulator, NoFrendo.

    Thanks to FNM for the e-mail.

    Site to check out
    Here is a new site for you to check out called Wyiel's page of MP3's Emulation and stuff, check it out ( Wyiel also takes ROM requests ).

    SNESSOR 95 v1.1b released
    Infe has released a new version of the Windows 95 port of SNESSOR ( A ROM hacking utility which extracts sounds from it, for all of those people who didn't know ), new in this version -

      v1.1b- Whoops! The first version didn't really work at all! It only
      happened to work on one rom I tried because the data happened to be aligned
      just so. This has been fixed. Now it really WILL dump the sounds out of a
      rom to a file. Heh. A lame buggy BlackJack game was added. I'll probably
      just discard this :D

10th February 1998

    WinAmp v1.72 released
    A new version of the MP3 audio player, WinAmp has been released today ( or er yesterday for some ppl :-).

9th February 1998

    New Secret of Mana II patch
    Mana Translations have released a new Secret Of Mana II translation patch, new in this version -

      - The Name selection Font

    I'm back... :-)
    Yeah I'm back, very tired but back... Some of the following news is probably a little bit old so if you have read it somewhere else already then you might want to skip it. Also if my writing seems sloppy and lazy today, it is because of my tiredness. :-)

    Game Studioz closes down and more...
    Let me firstly say that it is very unfortunate that a highly recognised and awesome SNES emulation news and resource site like Game Studioz has shut down. I wish Prince ( Game Studioz maintainer ) all the best in the future and I hope he is as successful with whatever he pursues in life as he has been with Game Studioz.

    Here is the official Game Studioz closing statement in which I received from Prince -

      - Yes, it hurts me just as much as it hurts you that GAME STUDIOZ has finally come to an end.
        Reasons for this closure is that I cannot afford anymore of my time in updating the site bringing you
        the latest SNES news etc. I, just like anybody have a life out there waiting for me. I am glad that I
        have stop at the top as GAME STUDIOZ has been pointed and recommended by emulation surfers
        as being one or if not the BEST among SNES emulation sites. The regularly updated news has
        always been a highlight of the site.

      - Here, I would like to thank all the support, encouraging emails and those faithful visitors who have
        gradually become good friends with me. Who knows, maybe it will be back again someday! I
        sincerely thank you for your support and may god bless ya always and forever........

    Also to add to this sad news, there is a chance that this site, StormWorld might come to an end as well. Firstly let me say that this thought has not arisen because of Game Studioz's closure, I have actually been thinking about this for quite some time and I just thought that now would be a good time to tell you guys. Anyway one of the main reasons in which I might consider shutting down StormWorld is because I just haven't got the time anymore to constantly update my site, sorry guys but the daily updating and searching for news has just cut too much into my time. The second main reason is because of what has happened over the weekend ( in which I will not go into ) and then there are other minor things ( in which I will not go into as well :-)... If I do consider this path, you people will be the first to know unless of course something else happens which prevents me from telling you guys. :-)

    Site to check out...
    Yes I know I have mentioned this site ( SNES Cauldron ) before as a SNES ROM site, but now you can find other emulation related stuff on that site as well. Some of it being a message board, a chat area, ROM voting place and a virtual avatar world??

    Thanks to Kustard for the e-mail.

    There is an interview with Mr. Grim on this site as well as an interview with BNU, author of a NES emulator called N'tendo. Is it me or does Mr. Grim have too much spare time on his hands nowadays. :-)

    Thanks to Luis Felipe for the e-mail.

    New RPG maker patch
    Kanjihack translations have released a new translation patch for RPG maker.

6th February 1998

    Another ZSNES interview
    Here is another interview with zsKnight, one of the authors of the SNES emulator ZSNES over on the EMU-SOFT FX homepage.

    Thanks to Fabiano Lopes for the e-mail.

5th February 1998

    Sim-S.N.E.X. v0.05d has been released
    SiMKiN has released version 0.05d of his SNES emulator Sim-S.N.E.X., new in this version -

      - I have updated Sim-S.N.E.X. to 0.05d, i have finished my debugger,
      - I have also done about 20 opcodes...
      - I have also added full HiROM and LoROM support for roms upto 48mbit.
      - My documentation on SNES Memory maps can be found at EPR.

    In the next release, SiMKiN hopes to have full 65c816 emulation.

    Thanks to SiMKiN for the e-mail.

4th February 1998

    SNES emulator SNEOS dead??... I would say yes...
    Well since the homepage of SNEOS has disappeared ( it has been gone for a few weeks now ) and the fact that there has been no news of a site relocation or of the status of the emulation project, I would say this emulator is pretty much dead as well.

    SNES emulator S-NESystem dead...
    Saw over at Dave's Video Game Classics that the SNES emulator, S-NESsystem is pretty much dead, well it didn't seem to be going anywhere in the first place. :-)

    Site to check out
    Here is another TOP EMULATION site ( called the REAL emulation list ) for you to check out.

    ZSNES interview and others...
    An interview with zsKnight, one of the authors of ZSNES can be found on this emulation site, just visit the past interviews section. They also have an interview with Breakpoint ( author of the N64 emulator, Project Unreality ), Thierry Lescot ( one of the authors of the System 16 emulator ) and Steve Snake ( author of the Genesis emulator, Kgen ) on their site as well.

    Easy SNES - SNES front end program
    Here is a new SNES front end program for you to try out; Easy SNES is a Visual Basic front end program which supports the more common SNES emulators out there such as ESNES, SNES9x and ZSNES. The latest version allows you to see the ROM's real name and it also has support for the latest version of ZNSES (ie. version 0.297), download and try it out now.

3rd February 1998

    SNESSOR 95 Beta
    Saw over at Zophar's Domain that a person by the name of Infe is doing the Windows 95 port of Butcha's SNES ROM sound ripping utility. At the moment it is nowhere near the latest release of the DOS port and there are porbably a number of bugs present in this version, hence the BETA tag. Anyway you can find out more information on this program and also download a copy of it and try it out for yourself from Infe's SNESSOR 95 page.

    Emu Xpress's new look
    Well the new look Emu Xpress has been revealed to the public and it is looking much nicer now except for one thing, that stripey background!!! ;-)

    New Callus front end program
    Here is a new Callus front end program for you to try out, simply called Callus Office ( shouldn't that be Microsoft Office :-), this program is very er... simple and is definitely, at the moment not up to scratch with the other front end programs out there, but it is however still useable. Try it out. :-)

    X-Front v1.7 released
    A new version of the SNES9x front end program X-Front has been released, new in this version -

      - Fixed Game Genie codes, again. They definitely work this time. (Finally)
      - Added a configuration program (x -config to load) that will allow ROMS, X Front Config files
        and Saved SNES9x Files to be stored in different directories. X Front must still stay in the
        Snes9x directory though.
      - In the config program there are a number of new options:
      - Turn splash screen on/off
      - Reload X after running a rom
      * Version 1.8 will be released with ZSnes support.

2nd February 1998

    ROMLIST is dead ( for the moment )
    It seems the server Emu-land which was housing ROMLIST, has now shut down the ROMLIST site. The reason why it was shut down is because of Org's "Lack of respect and responsibility", for more information, check out the ROMLIST site.

    SNESSOR for Linux
    Saw over at Emu News that the SNES ROM sound hacking utility, SNESSOR has been ported over to the Linux OS. This port is pretty much identical to the DOS version so you Linux users aren't missing out on anything :-) For more information check out the Linux SNESSOR site.

    SNESKey v1.60 released
    A new version of the SNES utility, SNESKey has been released. New in this version -

      - MS Sidewinder support (ability to use more than one Sidewinder coming)
      - Gravis Game Pad Pro (GrIP) support
      - ability to repeat keystrokes (like "auto-fire" or "turbo")
      - support for two NES Four Scores (multi-player adapters)
      - spiffed up the test screen (/x) code a bit
      - fixed a bug in the command line argument passing (/a)
      - fixed a bug in the naming of the NES buttons
      - removed SNESKey.txt and added a manual directory containing documentation in HTML format
        and schematics in gif format
      - fixed a possible bug in KeyTest
      - added circuits.ini to allow the use of differently wired adapters
      - removed the /i switch and merged it with the /v switch

    Emulation Camp has moved
    Emulation Camp has moved to a new server with a new design, etc. Check out what the new Emulation Camp looks like and what they now offer at their new address,

    Thanks to Juanma Barrios for the e-mail.

    Book of Genesis
    Here is an e-mail in which I received from Pinkys Pal ( maintainer of the site, Book of Genesis ), this was supposed to be posted up on yesterday's news but due to yesterday's incident... anyway here it is -

      SITE UPDATE !!

      The Books of Genesis is now 1 month old. It's been a busy 1st month.
      I've gone from less than 6 to over 37 manuals to offer. I've opened a
      Technical Reference section, which is filling up nicely. I've joined a
      game manual web ring. And most recently I've added a Game Genie code
      sheet for well over 150 Genesis games. The emulation scene has been a
      source of real joy to me for awhile & it was my hope to be able to
      reciprocate in a useful and unique way. Thank you for your help.



      The Books of Genesis

1st February 1998

    Ok now this really PISSES me off, a person by the name of DaRkDeMoN has created an exact ( almost ) copy ( and a pretty sad attempt as well ) of my site. DaRkDeMoN, you truly are a LAME dipshit, create your own goddam site and stop plagiarizing other peoples' work and trying to take credit for their effort!!! Also DarkSNES has been removed from the SNES emulators, it seems this is another dipshit idea by DaRkDeMoN in trying to gain some publicity. Seriously DaRkDeMoN, you need to get out more and go back to your little warez hideout where you belong. This is the type of person in which we don't need in the emulation scene!!! Oh BTW DaRkDeMoN, if you view the source of your menu bar and main page ( and maybe others ), you will notice that they still have StormWorld in their Title tag, just another failure by the lame DaRkDeMoN. BTW people I am not going to give you the URL for his site because I don't want to give this dipshit the publicity in which he wants, instead here is a snapshot of his site and also here are a few of his ( probably numerous ) e-mail addresses. E-Mail #1 ( Hotmail Account ), E-Mail #2, someone e-mail bomb this lamer.

    RPGe is back
    That's right, the translation group RPGe have returned with a new look site, MOD jukebox :-), and all, check it out.

    30,000th visitor
    Congratulations goes to Fabiano Lopes for being the 30,000th visitor to StormWorld, here is the screenshot of StormWorld in which he took. So who will be visitor 40,000 then eh. :-)

    ZSNES verion 0.297 released
    zsKnight and _Demo_ have made two updates to their SNES emulator ZSNES in one day, these two releases are basically bug fix versions. Here is what has been fixed -

      - Fixed a bug when loading 48mbit images from the GUI
      - Fixed some crashing bugs by just adding some zero space Very weird bug!

      - Fixed up Cheat Menu in 16-bit color mode
      - Changed SPC700 skipper back since it was causing problems in certain games
      - Added Multiple Snapshot files
      - Fixed a minor loading bug
      - Fixed 16-bit color full add/sub conversion table when video is in BGR format
      - Fixed some fixed color screen add/sub bugs
      - Supported .SWC format in the GUI

    Thanks to Fabiano Lopes for the e-mail.

    SNEmul Alpha 4.2 for DOS and Linux released
    Archeide and v0x have released a new version of their Super Nintendo emulator, SNEmul. New in this version -

      - Many work has been done on the Linux Version which is now the same than the DOS one (except
        for the configuration file).
      - Solved some problems with sprites optimization.
      - GUI and FullScreen resolutions can now be set separatly in the Video Dialog Box.
      - Dialog boxes' checkboxes & buttons are now updated regarding the curent emulator's state.
      - And as usual, some annoying bugs corrected.

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