Newfstock Just About Perfect. Boston
By Joey out of Kaos (Bayley's sister).
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Gr Ch Kristagale Bragabout Me

Newfoundland Club
Best in Show Winner 2006
Owned by A. Gordon & A. Mc Donald
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Adrienne Gordon
Photo by Leah Trout

Boston AKA Doofus, is not the sharpest tool in the shed but he does have the biggest heart.  Boston loves people and people love Boston.  He has the most gorgeous personality and loves nothing more than to give everyone he meets the hugest, sloppiest kisses in the world. Whatever you do, don’t bend down and tie your shoelaces in front of him that’s just asking for a kiss. 
Boston’s favourite game is hide and seek.  He thinks that if he hides his head under a cushion, then you can’t see him.  Unfortunately his big black body and waggy tail stand out a mile, but you can’t help but play along and “pretend” you can’t see him.
All of a sudden he will throw his head up in the air and bounce around like a ball as if to say “look at me, here I am”.  Just one of the lovely qualities that bring a lot of joy into his owner’s life.
Boston lives at home with his half sister Brylee (STORMTIDE BLACK AS) who has taught him so much about growing up and confidence. Boston looks up to his big sister with total admiration.
These two are delightfully happy, well mannered, very spoilt and totally loved dogs.
They love to be around children and love nothing more than Carting Galas where they get to show off their powerful strength and gentle natures.
So next time you see Boston feel free to come up and say hello, we guarantee you will walk away with a smile on your face (as well as slobber).
Monty and his new brother Yogi
Monty, Newfstock Gonna B A Star is a 3/4 brother to our Tide being by Joey out of Kaos (Kristagale Bee Bossy) who is Bayley's litter sister. This makes him a brother to Boston.
Monty is a HUGE Landseer who at one stage weighed over 90kgs, he has been on a strict diet and is now down in the 80's!!!! He is a big softy and can be seen out at all the club events, competing successfully at both carting and waterwork. He is Auckland Branch's most active fundraiser, giving hundreds of cartrides at events throughout the year.