X-men Issue Quotes
Jean: "I must confess, infuriating and arrogant as Gambit can be... those eyes, that grin, the body - it takes a girl's breath away."
Scott: "Oh, really? When next the opportunity presents itself... remind me to drop a truck on him."
Xavier: "Cyclops."
Scott: "A big truck."
Xavier: "Cyclops!"
Scott: "A really big truck."
Xavier: "CYCLOPS!"
X-Men #1

Cyclops: "That sir, is no way to treat a lady. "
Gambit: "Or Rogue neither, hein?"
Beast: "My o my, talk about a man who loves to live dangerously."
X-Men #1

Cyclops: "I'm sorry. My mind must have been...elsewhere."
Jean: "The gutter, perhaps?"
X-Men #8

Gambit to Rogue: "If I made a list of things to do "with your own two
hands"--stirrin' gumbo wouldn't be on it."
X-Men #8

Gambit to Bishop: "A plasma rifle against a boysenberry pie? Can you see the
crazed psychopath in this picture?"
X-Men #8

Bishop: "Is this wise?"
Gambit: "Keep laughing or she'll kill us."
X-Men #8 (After they hit Rogue in the face with a pie)

Jubilee:  "Why does everyone say my name like it means 'shut up'??!"
X-men #10

Rogue: "You are deader than a snowman in July. An' ah mean TV movie of the week,
CNN all-day coverage kinda dead!"
X-Men #38

Bishop:  "On the count of 'three'?"
Gambit:  "Why wait?  Let's go on 'two'."

L'il Rogue: "What's Plan B?"
L'il Cyclops: "Thimple. RUN!"
L'il Rogue: "That's how ya get t'be leader? By coming up with 'RUN'?! Cheeze wiz. Ah coulda said 'RUN!'"
The X-Babies in X-Men #47

Li’l Bishop: “Hey, loser, don’t mess with the X-men. Even the little ones.”
Li’l Gambit: “’Specially the little ones.”
The X-babies in X-men #47

Beast: "Bishop! Cease and Desist!  We embarked on this nocturnal excursion in order to make conversation with a fragile little barkeep flower---not to watch you mistake flirtation for espionage!  Believe me, women pine not for the tall, dark, and psychotic! Good Lord, man---what's wrong with you?!?"
X-men #49

Bishop: "...I don't trust you."
Barkeep: I'm not real keen on you either, at the moment."
X-men #49

Dark Beast: "Come now, constable.  Even without the benefit of an image inducer---do I look like the suspicious type to you?"
X-men #49

Dark Beast: "Ah, Bishop...This is your brain.  This is your brain on holographic image."
X-men #49

Iceman about Post: "I almost feel sorry for the yutz! He didn't know what hit him."
Wolverine: "Sure he knows, kid. It was a mutant freight train wit' a big ol' `X' on the front."
X-Men #50

Post to Iceman: "You are getting more skilled in the use of your powers every day. I almost regret having to kill you.'
Iceman: "Then don't. I certainly won't say anything."
X-Men #50

Gambit: "You tell me, Joseph---or Magneto---or Eric Lensherr.  What name you goin by today, mon ami?
X-men #58

Bishop: "When I get my hands..."
Beast: Down, Bishop, down.  More control---less damage."
X-men #59

Bobby: "I...I know what it's like to lose a dream, doc."
X-men #66

Iceman: "Just between you and me---I'm not really the leader type."
Cecilia: "Really? Gosh, who would have guessed?"
Iceman:  You're being sarcastic, right?"
Cecilia: "Very."
X-men #66

Iceman: "I'm trying to think --"
Cecilia: "Don't hurt yourself."
X-Men #68

Iceman: "Hmm."
Cecilia: "'Hmm in a good way or 'hmm' in a 'I think we're about to die' way?"
Iceman:  "'Hmm in a 'New York's never this deserted, even at this time of night' way."
Marrow: "It's abandoned, like the sewers.  I like it this way.  Maybe some beautiful plague came by and killed all the surface---"
X-men #68

Policeman: "What're those spikes, and what's it all mean? 'Get out?'"
Marrow: "I left them---and it means what it says! Just how many interpretations of 'get out' are there?"
X-men #68

Marrow: "Just be thankful I didn't kill you.  Though the thought did cross my mind, but something stopped me.  Gonna have to figure out what and exorcise it."
X-men #68

Iceman: "Note- Ask Scott the trick to getting people to listen to him."
X-Men #69

Iceman: "...You want it to end here and now? Fine.  We're more than ready to die fighting if we have to."
Cecilia: "Again with the 'die fighting?'"
X-men #69

Beast to Cecilia: "It's not "Animal", miss, it's "Beast"..."Animal" is a muppet."
X-Men #70

Jean: "Morning, boys! Am I interrupting an intellectual conversation, or just standard macho nonsense?"
X-Men #71

Cecilia (about Maggot): No wonder he's so strong...I'd be strong too, if I had to carry that big head around all the time."
Beast: "Narcissism notwithstanding, Dr. Reyes, Maggot exhibits impressive command over his powers..."
Cecilia: "Really, Beast? Is that why you wrote,'...but if the boy doesn't buckle that yap of his, i may very well go psychotic?'"
Beast: "'Yap' is a technical term, I assure you."
X-men #74

Beast: "Cecilia is equipped with a worthless force-field, cellulite saddle bags, and an-"
Cecilia: "Oh no...you did not just go there.  Because if you did, I'd be forced to break my hippocratic oath and white-wash your blue behind! Ever been frostbitten in your nasal cavity?  How about your brain?!?"
X-men #74

Maggott: “Ag, shame... you have got to be the God-ugliest guardian angel I've ever seen.”
Wolverine: “Amen, brother. So... are we havin' fun yet?”
X-Men #75

Cecilia: "Yeah! Ha! That's right!  You can't break me, you chumps!  Bronx in the house, full effect!  I'm bad, I'm bad, I'm...help."
X-men #75

Cecilia: "You slapped me."
Marrow: "You needed it."
Cecilia: "I---oh, I might need it again...Look."
X-men #75

Shadow King: "Miss Braddock?! Interesting. I had you brain dead and buried at the site of the pulse---"
Psylocke: "I got better."
X-Men #78

Cannonball, after Marrow throws her bones at him: "Nice. Ah'm invulnerable to yer bone thingies while ah'm blastin', Marrow...but if it makes ya feel any better..."Ouch."
X-Men #79

Rogue: "Marrow! Guess this means...y'like me better'n an ugly gator...?"
Marrow: "...you smell better."
Rogue: "I'll take it. Thanks."
X-Men #80

Nightcrawler: “Ach... I may be accustomed to third-class travel... but this is ridiculous. Antonio Bandaras would never work under these conditions.”
X-Men #80

Kitty: "Uh-oh...looks like you dropped your satillite, Fabio! I'll catch it for you! Whoops! Look at that! Phased right through it! Think that's bad?...Satillite go BOOM SHOCKA BOOM."
X-men #80

Marrow (to an alligator): "Bad suitcase..."
X-men #80

Gambit: "I know what you're t'inkin', ma petite. Dat Gambit...still de suave one, no?"
X-Men #81

Rogue:  "Ah got the Russian, Storm! What 'bout the Swamp Rat?"
Storm:  "He is about to recieve a painful lesson in the law of gravity...and in humility...unless the good earth responds to my call."
Gambit:  "Ca c'est assez!  Enough!  I'm sorry already!  Less wit' de guilt and mmore wit' de savin', chere!
Rogue:  "He's awful snitty f'r someone up a creek without a parachute."
Storm:  "True, though I imagine it is the fall talking...or the realization that I am hurling basketball-sized hailstones past his nose at niety miles-per-hour.  Neither of which would have been the case if he had heeded my warnings.
Gambit:  "Anyone ever tell you laides you got a real talent f'r kickin' a man when he's down?  Dis gone smart---"
X-men #82

Gambit: "Great...now tell me...you got a barf bag in yer costume?"
X-Men #84

Colossus: “Da, we wouldn't want the littlest X-Man to be blown down go boom...”
Wolverine: “Go rust yerself, Tin Man.”
X-Men #85

Rogue: "Bless my Southern soul, Cyclops givin' us a break? Will wonders never
X-Men #95

Death:  "For I am become death---"
Rogue:  "--The shatterer of worlds! Blah, blah, blah---like you're the only one who ever stole that quote from the Bhagavhad-Gita!  This the clown you told us about, Cyke?"
X-men #95

Wolverine: “You gonna 'port us again, or what?”
Nightcrawler: “And risk appearing inside the wreakage -- or a fellow X-Man's body?”
Wolverine: “Hmm, some interestin' possibilities there, huh?”
Nightcrawler: “Is this really the time for jokes?”
X-Men #86

Psylocke: "In my entire life, my girl, I have never been considered a 'muscle-head.'"
Kitty: "Excuse me, but can you think of a better definition of telekinesis?"
X-men #100
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