Miscellaneous Quotes
(Jean screams)
Wolverine: “I didn't know she knew words like that.”
Cyclops: “It was probably your influence.”
Unofficial X-men

Wolverine:  "What happened here? It looks like a freight
train full o' butt-kick rolled through with no breaks."
Wolverine #98

Tyger Tiger: "There was an unfortunate and fatal road accident. Police Chief Tai was jay-walking just as my gas pedal got stuck."
Wolverine #98

Wolverine (after having eaten blowfish poison): "What's for dessert?"
Wolverine #107

Wolverine (watching the noodle vendor fight): "Don't mind me. Just go about your business...I'll just help myself and leave the money on the cart"
Wolverine #109

Rogue: "Sayin' Ah tol' ya so is beneath mah dignity, so instead, ah'll just
say...nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah."
X-Cutioner: "I'd strike her if she weren't so darned cute."
Gambit #5

Gambit (thinking): "I'm the leader of the geek patrol. That makes me king geek."
Gambit #12

Gambit: "Doom's been missin' since Onslaught. This ain' him."
Sek: "Yeah, you're Mr. Ice. The fact five other Dooms showed up wasn't also a clue?"
Gambit: "Hey, Spock isn' s'posed t'make fun of Kirk in front of the aliens!"
Gambit #12

Jake: "Remy, have I told you how much I hate you today?"
Gambit: "Jake..you--uhm...look...well...uhm...Will you marry me?"
Jake: "Hate. You."
Gambit: "Okay, okay -- how 'bout jus' some hot lovin?"
Gambit #13

Rogue: "In scientific terms: a-duh!"
Gambit #15

Stan: "No, Grigori, KFC does chicken right, Wendy's is one lets you have it
your way!"
Grigori: "Does not, Stan!"
Rogue: "Morons, whoever they are. Everyone knows Burger King lets you have it
your way."
Gambit #15

Sek: "Rogue, right? I've seen the pictures in Remy's wallet. I take it you've
come looking for your...boyfriend?"
Rogue: "Well, he is a friend, and he is a boy, but sometimes one plus one
doesn't equal two."
Gambit #15

Rogue: "Greg -- Stan --- What you guys just did..."
Greg: "Momma always said Poppa was loony tunes."
Rogue: "Well, Momma knows best! Thanks, guys."
Gambit #15

Rogue: "What am I going to do with you Remy LeBeau?"
Remy: "I have a list, but I left it in my other pants."
Astonishing X-Men #1

Rogue: "Belladonna and I have been scoutin' out the area leadin' to the
Assassins Guild while we waited. That and comparing notes on Gambit."
Wolverine: "And?"
Rogue: "Apparently he has a mole on his..."
Ghost Rider #26

(Rogue stares at the Em'krann crystal) Gambit: "You like it Chere? I get you one
for Christmas."
XTAS "The Phoenix Saga Part 2"

Gambit: "Not at all, Madame. I am well accustomed to traveling in the company of a crybaby."
Jake: "Hey!"
Gambit #12

Gambit: "What's the matter?"
Jake: "Uhm...I can't find me."
Gambit: "Is this like an Oprah-thing?"
Jake: "No -- I mean literally --"
Gambit #14

Toad: "You know, whoever said that tight, little t-shirt doesn't make you look like the team pansy was lying, Cyclops."
Ultimate X-men #3

Quicksilver: "Missing an engine, Cyclops?
Cyclops: "Missing a face, moron?"
Ultimate X-men #3

Storm: "You know, you're suprisingly articulate for a big Russian farm boy who's only been in America ten minutes, Colossus.  Did professor X write all that down for you?"
Colossus:  "As you're perfectly aware,  I was nine years old when they smuggled me into America, Storm.  You're the one who learned English from John Wayne movies in Morocco.  Personally, I think you're just jealous because that web site ranked me as the World's Sexiest Mutant and you came two places behind Beast."
Storm: "Do I look like I care about an online poll by a million Japanese teenagers?  They probably just thought you were they new Digimon or something, anyway."
Ultimate X-men #7

Cyclops: "Got the ring, Alex?"
Havok: "What's it worth to you?"
Cyclops: "Want to die, Alex?"

Psylocke: "Why is it you men always seem to talk in
macho slogans?"

Storm: "No fear, Gambit, I have you."
Gambit: "Stormy, we got to stop meetin' like dis. Folks, dey'll talk."
Storm: "Use that name one more time -- and I shall give folks something to talk about!"

Rogue: "Ah'm crankin', guys, pushin' to the max. Good news is, the flight'll be quick. Bad is, for y'all, it'll be downright miserable."
Wolverine: "Should'a brought a coat."
Bishop: "I should have had my head examined."

Gambit in the Pentagon: "You t'ink dey serve drinks at de late show?"
Phoenix:"I think the more nervous you get the more jokes you crack." Gambit- "Shh. Ancient family secret."

Jubilee in regard to Bella Donna- "You mean, someone was actually desperate enough to become...MRS. Gambit?!" 

Eric Lensherr:  "What was that you said?  Any dream worth having---"
Charles Xavier:  "---is a dream worht fighting for."
Eric Lensherr:  "Ha!  Fine and noble words, my friend!  Someday I'll carve them on your tombstone..."

Thor:  "Thou hast made a grevious error this day, foul villian!"
Gambit:  "Sorry Goldilocks..."
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