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Tekken Animated Gifs!

All gifs are 3KB or under and measure 60x60. Unfortunately, Tekken Zaibatsu changed their avatar format to one unfriendly to animated gifs. Nonetheless, I see this page still gets plenty of hits, so I'll leave it up. Who knows, perhaps I'll even add some of differing measurements. We'll see...
Any questions and comments can be mailed to Keep in mind that I don't check this email too very often, but I do check. Thanx!

Crewwolfy [semi]Originals!

All these gifs were originally drawn by Azu of Tekken Zaibatsu.
They were animated by the indicated artists.
You're welcome to use them as you like, but please don't claim to have created them.
To make them, I used MS Paint and Animagic. Thank you. And enjoy!