Goshinboku Network has been open since Septemember of 2003 and has gone through several overhauls since. The site is maintained by Kelly O'Connor.

The name
Goshinboku Network is taken from the tree in the manga InuYasha in which the title character was sealed upon. To this day InuYasha is my absolute favorite series, so the title has endured.

The current layout features Yukishiro Tomoe from
Rurouni Kenshin. The black and white artwork is by the amazing Nobuhiro Watsuki, but I did color it myself. (As such, please don't take the image. Thanks!)

Just a few quick FAQs:

Where did all the fanlists you joined go?

It became too much unecessary upkeep to do the whole 'fanlisting thing' anymore. I run a few fanlists, but I doubt I'll bother with maintaining a page of 'joined' fanlists any longer.

Why are you on geocities?
The two big shrines I'm working on, for Kagome and KagomexInuYasha, will be located on a paid domain. At some point in the future this may move to one as well. However, I'm generally not that html savvy so it could be quite awhile.

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