Other websites:
- Feather on the Moon -
SesshoumaruxKagura [
InuYasha] couple shrine.
Status: No longer updated but still online.
Reason: Lack of interest in pairing

Otouto! -
Shrine to Higurashi Souta [InuYasha]
Status: Online but no longer updated
Reason: Got bored with it.

Eien no Tobira -
InuYasha fanfiction archive for many authors.
Status: Dead
Reason: Became too difficult to upkeep

Two Sides of One Soul-
Kagome and Kikyou support network against character bashing.
Status: Dead
Reason: I am no longer dedicated to the cause

Shinjiru -
Comprehensive KagomexInuYasha couple shrine
Status: Upcoming- 50% done

Heart and Determination -
Higurashi Kagome shrine.
Status: Upcoming- 20% done
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