Actual beta screenshots

Note: Special thanks to these places for making the following pictures:
Nintendojo, Nintendo Power, PDCentral, N64 Magazine

All of the menu pop-up pics are real pictures using the gameshark to display the same thing that would have displayed in the real Perfect Head.

This screen from IGN shows the beta menu for Perfect Dark. On the left side is the PerfectHead menu, and on the right is some weird option called inventory.

Also notice how both face-mapping and co/counter-op are in at the same time. That means we could have had both, and Rare was lying when they said they added co-op mode after face-mapping was cancelled.

This is most likely the menu the inventory took you too although the name would have been "inventory" and not "options" (screenshot from instruction booklet). Save Game is an option there. That makes no sense since the game autosaves and Joanna is in training.

The user would put his or her face in the GameBoy Color using the camera pak.

The menus are shown here. First, the picture would be captured or loaded from a file.

You could choose live feed or a file on the N64 controller pak or game pak. While the other player sets up the game, you could make the head.

Find the file you need.

The game will display the head.

Finally, the image would be downloaded or loaded, depending on which you chose.

The image would need to be positioned to cut out the extra parts. See the bottom right picture? That's Duncat Botwood.

The head would be shaped to fit the person's head.

Just like normal multiplayer, the game would have the head and then the body in the same sub-menu.

And look at the final product. Some turn out better than others.

This head could have been used in the combat simulator, or as a guard's head in all the missions (or both).

The Menu pop-ups of Perfect Head:

GS Code: 8009EDF8-00?? 00-10 for the following menus to pop up (low res).


Have any more beta pictures or information? Please, please, email them to me. You'll get full credit for your discovery.