Made in February 2003
Updated on 2 May, 2008
Welcome to my pit dear friends. My name is Sugumar. I love nature and animals. I love all animals, especially reptiles and particularly snakes. Enjoy looking at my jungle trekking and overseas tours photos. And if you scroll below, there are some pages that I did on snakes together with some other interesting pages. These may take some time to load, so please be patient. Thanks and have a nice day. By the way, my nickname is, The King Cobra! (Me below, with my brother, the Ball Python!)
Jungle tours
Singapore has lots of  places to see. Big canals, small jungles, lakes, rivers etc etc. People don't know about these places. So they assume that they don't exist! I've been to lots of these places and saw monkeys, monitor lizards, snakes, squirrels and many other wildlife. These places are good to trek, hike and even go fishing.  Look at my photos to see me in the places of nature, places of nice sceneries and me in close contact with some animals. Please click on the places below. The places below are either in Singapore or Malaysia.
1) Little Guilin and Bukit Batok Nature Park
10) Ghim Moh Road Railway Track
2) Taman Negara Rainforest - Pahang, Malaysia
11) Greenwood Park , Bukit Batok
3) Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Mount Faber
12) The Farms of Lim Choo Kang
4) Mandai Lake Road, Lower Seletar Reservoir
13) Choa Chu Kang
14) The Jungles of Malaysia
5) Macritchie Reservoir
6) Rifle Range Road / Hindhede Nature Park 15) Toh Tuck Road
16) Kranji
7) Clementi Road, opposite Ngee Ann Polytechnic
17) Kolli Hills - Namakkal, India
8) Clementi Avenue 4 / Pandan Loop
9) Jurong Road, off Bukit Batok
Overseas tours
Going on a backpacker tour is fun. Meeting tourists from other parts of the world and learning their cultures are nice. He who does not travel is like a frog in a well! Learning things practically is better than learning theorically. Enjoy seeing my photos of me in different countries. Please click on the countries below.
1) Koh Samui, Phuket and Krabi - Thailand
4) South India
5) Mauritius
2) Sydney - Australia
6) Myanmar
3) Bintan - Indonesia
Other interesting pages
Page of Dedication
The world of Pythons
Some information about Snakes
The world of Boas
Snake animations
Venomous Snakes part 1
Amazing Snake stories
Venomous Snakes part 2
Snake videos
My research on Snakes
Scientific names of Snakes, Antivenoms,
1st Aid, FAQs
Contacts and other Snake links
About me, the Snake lover
My Registered Marriage (January 3, 2006)
Snake art
My Wedding (June 7, 2006)
Jungle Survival Manual
' Since the launch of the King Cobra, Sugu's webpage on February 2003, I've been following it regularly. His passion for nature and reptiles are amazing. I always give him my full support in his 'jungle tours' and reptile hunting hobby. I really enjoy visiting his page everytime, especially the Amazing snake stories section. He also shows many places in Singapore where we can go for jungle trekking, which many people don't know. The King Cobra clearly explains the type of vegetations and animals that can be found even in the small jungles of Singapore. I remember once during our Secondary school days, he chased a hugh monitor lizard inside a canal and caught it by its tail. He never feared as he was more interested in getting a closer look at the lizard!   Keep it up man. God bless you and the reptiles! ' - Murali , a friend of mine for 18 years.
Me playing with my reptile friend.
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