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14 January 2006-- I added chapter 1 of a new L Word fic. It has elements of Galore (Gabby and Alice) and Helacious (Helena/Alice) friendship. You can read it by clicking on the following link: Closing Doors

2 January 2006--First things first, Happy New Year to everyone. Thanks for coming by. Today I am posting the end of my Helena/Alice (Helacious) fic, Everything I've Got . This story took me much longer than I thought it would considering it was mostly done when I started posting it! Then I got really lazy. So sorry it took so long, everyone. I was orignally going to write an epilogue, but I'm too tired of this story and so elements of the epilogue were just shoved into the last scene of chapter 25. I hope it works for everyone. The link: Chapter 25 aka the end

Please come back to the site because I have a few more L Word fics that I'm writing. Thank you.


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I once made a Alice/Dana music video to Voxtrot's "Start of Something"--it's too big to host here, but you can find it at www.putfile.com--

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http://www.putfile.com/media.php?n=start-of-something2 [manual]

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