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Sunken peeps* (sangken peeeps)-n. a classification of fun-loving creatures in their late teens with diverse personalities as well as interests who spend some of the most important part of their lives in the UP Sunken Garden.  There's Berns --always dragging the group to art films and making plans for the group to get together Rommel and Mark with their stupid jokes only they find funny; Ivy "makulit" and "mataray;" Lyndree "pa-cute" and always buried in her books; Wacks with his trademark snapshot stance (he says he's going into the priesthood--yeah right!); Jie--a.k.a. Jie-Bading, Jie-Spot, Jie-String, Jie-ilong, Rudolph or the guy with the huge nose; Rey--"taga-BA;"  Denz, the down-to-earth guy who just loves bananas...and Abu--an endangered species still unclassifiable at the moment and may be extinct by age 21.  =0)  It's not clear either why these creatures are called Sunken Peeps.  They don't live the Sunken Garden.  But the UP Sunken Garden seems to be the most feasible venue for camping trips and surprise birthday parties. And ganja sessions--if we ever get a hold of any. =0) As if!!! Kame pa?!


Where were you while we were getting high?

The Sunken Peeps are: Berns, Jie, Lyndree, Wacks, Rommel, Mark, Rey, Abu, Ivy, and Dennis =0) by Berns David

"When the moon shines, from the heavens above,

Life will be sweet, so green and so young.

Hemp will be ruling my brothers again

If you got the ganja then pass it my friend."

---Cheese, "Mottaka"

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