General Ordering Conditions and Information

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1. Orders are accepted only by E-mail:

2. The indicated prices do NOT take into account shipping expenses and are indicated in US$ (US Dollars).

3. Payments are only accepted cash in US$ (US Dollars) or EUROs, or by check (for checks, please use EuroChecks ONLY). For any other way of payment, please contact me beforehand.

4. Grading: the grade of any record (and/or cover) of the list can be provided upon request. The code will then be as follows:
SFS: Still Factory Sealed
NEW: bought from the manufacturer
UNP: UNPlayed
MNT: MiNT, probably better than shop stock
NMT: Near MinT (hardly used)
EXC: EXCellent, used but not much
VGO: Very GOod, starting to look used
GOO: GOOd, well used
FAI: FAIr, very well used
POO: POOr, oh dear!

5. How to order:
a - First make sure that the items you are interested in are still available: just write the list of the items you would like to buy. The items shall be identified by the set name they belong to, followed by the number within the set; example: 'YOUR SONG' #11. Please specify as well your requirements as to shipping (normal mail, air mail, insured, ...) together with your complete name and address.
b - By return, I will inform you which items, among those selected, are still available; they will then be automatically reserved for you. I will provide you with the complete quotation including packing and shipping according to your requirements.
c - I will acknowledge receipt of your payment and mail you the items the next day.

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