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...Have YOU ever tried running naked thru the snow?!?

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Are you from New Zealand? Can you help me find a long lost friend- Shirley Waters from Nelson?

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Hi, don't mind the mess. I'm still unpacking...

Toss your clothes off (just throw 'em on the bed for now) and grab yourself a cup of coffee - it's Cinnemon Laced Cowboy Coffee today, help yourself to the organic brownies (They're really good) - and have a chat while I unpack. What is it you do?

hhmmmm? Oh! Yes that's my photo album skimpy as it is. Look at it? Of course you can - make yourself at home whenever you're here.

Me? Well, here's my resume. I was the research departments DBA (Data Base Administrator) within the wildlife management branch of Arizona Game & Fish (until March 1996, that is.) I left there (with tears in my eyes because I was having to leave my Grand Canyon) to manage the Sales and Operations Planning and Executive Information System projects for Schwan's (ya know, the ice cream people?).

I'm on the move once again now that these two projects have come to a close. I headed for Flagstaff, Arizona and and spent a couple months running round the woods, cutting trees into firewood, watching the deer, elk and coyote watch me and generally had a good time. I've picked up a long term contract back in "Minne-snow-ta" (dang it!), so I guess I'll just have to be content with just visiting my Grand Canyon for a while.

What's that? Oh, we studied endangered species of native fish...mostly in the Little Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. Our main study was the Colorado river in the Canyon and I even got to go on a research trip once a year.

What did we do on these trips down the Canyon, you ask? Well, have you seen any film on Canyon trips? Ya? Then you've seen the big pontoon boats they use to carry tourists down river. We used the same type of boat (two of them) plus a small river runner. It's a smaller version of the big boats and usually carried only three people (the driver, a cook and a swamper). One of the big boats was loaded with our research gear and the 5 of us, the other boat carried the camping kitchen, food, etc.

We put in at Lee's Ferry (just south of Lake Powell) and 18 days later pulled out 250 miles down river (just north of Lake Mead). Inbetween, we'd catch, identify, measure, weight and toss back fish...during the day. At night, we'd park on a sandy beach, sand bar or rocky ledge...where ever we could find a place to setup for the night.

Take a look at another fella's story...complete with pictures AND movies. My only complaint on his trip is that he doesn't stop at Phantom Ranch or take a side trip up Bright Angel Canyon! But then, we do have to leave SOMETHING for you to explore on your own, don't we? Just make sure you invite me along when you go.

We would also explore side canyons, streams and/or caves as we find them. It was (and still is) a great time. I just can't do it justice trying to explain it all. You should go with next trip. You'd love it. If you can't do that, drop me a note and let's arrange a day trip or weekend in the canyon. It's something you'll never forget, nor will you want to leave once you're there. The Canyon is, in my humble opinion, the MOST beautiful place in the world. You haven't really seen it until you've seen it from the bottom up.

One of the things I like about the Canyon trips is the solitude. You do see people once in a while, but it's ALWAYS in passing and it's very very seldom (maybe once in every three days or so). What you do get to see every day is beauty as it was meant to be, animals of every description, and a peace that is addicting (you just can't get enough of it). I'll have some pictures for you soon, until then you'll have to be satisfied with my links below. The Grand Canyon is so beautiful I would live there if that were possible.

One of the more enjoyable things I did last trip was niking 5 miles up from the confluence of the Little Colorado River to float down stream to the Canyon. The LCR is tainted with Calcium Carbonate and is the prettiest shade of bluegreen you've ever seen, plus the water temperature is in the 70F range. Purrfect for nude rapid running and floating (especially when it's 115F in the shade). I did run into a couple of rapids I floated through the first time that I bypassed the second time, but it was a fun time and is a place to stop on every trip.

What? You gotta leave! So soon? Oh, you'll be back. OK, I'll chat with you then. Careful going out the door so you don't trip over my Harley sitting in the living room. Nah, I don't worry about oil leaking on the carpet. My girl's tight and she don't leak. Sure, we can go for a ride. Soon as I get settled in. Talk to you soon, don't forget to write.

Oh, one more thing before you go. I'm putting in for a backcountry permit for the Palisades area of the Grand Canyon for seven days for next Spring (May/June) and Fall (September). Don't know when I'll be going yet...You have to apply 3-4 months in advance, so the trip dates will be unknown until January/February for the spring trip and May/June for the fall trip.

I'll be sure to let you know when I'm going and, of course, I'll tell you all the glorious details. I hope by then I'll have access to a good scanner so I can show you some of my own pictures. Until then, be sure to check out the links I've put on this page...See ya

Say, let me know if you'd like to go along on either hiking/camping trip. I'd love to have you join us. I'll be applying for a large group which is a maximum of 11 people. Just e-mail me and I'll keep you up to date on the progress of getting everything arranged. Hope you can make it. It sure would be fun to have you along.

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If you 'love' the outdoors - This is the place to be.
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Watch this space for more about niking the Grand Canyon, hopefully complete with pictures of the happy nikers! I'm almost set to go back to the Grand Canyon. Tell you all about it when I get back... unless, that is, Nude is the 
'natural' way of thingsyou want to go along? There's always room for one more, you know.

Go here for one of the best views of the Grand Canyon

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1996 quin

I've been flying (on and off) most of my life - and I'm in the process of putting together a page of some of my flying trips. I have one that's almost ready you can take a look at. It's a photo trip with me prior to and after my Private Pilot Check Ride. It's still pretty rough, but if you would, let me know what you think of the page so far.

When the leaves started turning colours, I went up and took some pictures, trying to capture the brillance nature was presenting us this year. The colours were so intense! The reds were fire red, the golds majestic, but alas, no camera can capture what we see. Perhaps it's because we have a heart with which to see such beauty? I hope you enjoy the colours and the country side as much as I...
...and here's some pictures from Thanksgiving 1999 (sorry, but temporarily you'll have to hit your "back" button to return here).
Stay tuned! More flying pictures coming soon.

While you're waiting for more flying pictures, you might as well glance though some family pictures.